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Coastal Road; Destroying Mumbai One Beach At A Time By RKB

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♦️There is a stay on further construction of the Mumbai Coastal Road!
♦️My problem is the damage that even this amount of work may have caused the Worli inter-tidal ecosystem is already irreversible!
♦️And whereas an argument exists for the Metro Yard at Aarey (only I don’t buy it; the Yard could have been built just about anywhere…of that later) the Coastal Road is a Vanity Project programmed to drown South Mumbai (as in Warden Road and Worli Sea Face)
♦️As an added bonus the Coastal Road will also confine most of the beaches of Mumbai (from Girgaum to Worli to Dadar to Bandra to Juhu to Versova) to history books, Dev Anand films and personal photographs!
♦️All for reducing the automobile traffic of Mumbai by less than 2% !
♦️This is real rock’n roll