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Why is Radical Islamic PM Imran Khan of Pakistan Not Referred To As A Jihadist? By RKB

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♦️Every little execrable Western Media Outlet adds the prefix Hindu Nationalist PM to #NarendraModi and #Modi is the Prime Minister of the Secular Socialist Republic Of India that Constitutionally grants EQUAL RIGHTS to ALL CITIZENS

♦️Remember how the Western Media would extol the virtues of a certain Saddam Hussein before everything went south?

♦️And a gentleman called Osama Bin Laden before 9/11?
♦️Mr #ImranKhanNiazi is the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan that legally and Constitutionally discriminates against non-Muslims, where Ahmediyyas are legally described as apostates, where Hazaras are murdered every Friday, where Shi’a Muslims are killed routinely…so #NewYorkTimes how about the Sunni Radical Islamist Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan?
When did anyone hear the Prime Minister of India exhort Indians to kill anyone?
♦️Mr Imran Khan routinely exhorts his people to take up the gun and kill Hindus!
♦️And yet…the putrefying, dessicated, dimwitted Western Media calls Modi #HinduNationalist
Imran Khan begins every speech with Allah and ends with Allah…
♦️When was the last time you heard Modi saying “Har Har Mahadev?
♦️This is what I posted on Sept 2nd…
♦️And now for the funny part
♦️Every #Pakistani anchor, politician, spokesperson, PM, PM-in-waiting has begun to swear by secularism and begins with “Bismillah al Rahman e Raheem” and says “Inshallah Talah” every 2 sentences
♦️Now imagine if #Modi were to begin each speech with “Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah “ and say “Jai Shri Ram”, “Jai Bhavani” and “Aum Namah Shivaya” in every second sentence and end with Har Har Mahadev?
♦️ Pakistani Temporary Prime Minister #ImranKhan appeals to Muslims to start acting against #HinduIndians? And some of our Lobotomised Lunatic Liberals find Mr #Khan matured, sensible and secular
♦️Has anyone ever heard Second Term Prime Minister #NarendraModi appealing to Hindus to act against #MuslimPakistanis ever?
♦️Just saying…