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We Kill Cows Slowly, Horribly And We Worship Them? By RKB

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♦️Prime Minister Narendra Modi just fed a Sahiwal Cow in Mathura just the other day
♦️Her calf was on the floor right next to her, but did not have access to it’s mother
♦️That illustrates for me more than anything else the state of our cows and the dairy industry
♦️No sooner is a calf born than it is separated from the cow; and she is pumped full of estrogen injections to increase her milk supply even as she watches her calf wither away and die (if it’s a male calf)
♦️We shot this #THERKBSHOW for #NEWSWORLDINDIA at Dahisar right opposite the Sanjay Gandhi National Park
♦️Here dairies serve as the worst prison for
The cows/buffaloes are chained at the same spot where they are not allowed to move for the extent of their productive lives
♦️On a hard concrete floor, lying in their own shit with the flies, ants and other vermin eating through their skin and udders
♦️Suffering from athritis, broken bones, mastitis, bleeding sores brought on by over-milking so much so that sometimes their udders bleed and the blood is mixed with the milk and sold
♦️It’s a life one would not wish upon one’s worst enemy
♦️A dairy farm is a death sentence after 5-6 years of purgatory
♦️Is there a solution?
♦️Everything has a solution
♦️Do not buy milk from farms and dairies that don’t have free running cows
♦️Refuse to purchase milk or milk products from imprisoned cows
♦️We love cows right?
♦️So why do we torture them in the most horrendous manner possible?