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June 29, 2018
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Is Congress willing to commit suicide just so that Modi does not win in 2019?
The way things are going it may soon come to that; apart from Punjab, Karnataka (where again Congress has had to cede the CM’s post to a junior ally) Rahul Gandhi has had to play second fiddle to every regional outfit (at times he has had to play beggar just to be recognised)
The greatest opportunity for the Congress came in Gujarat where a victory would have pulverised the BJP; yeh strategy seemed to be working! Rahul Gandhi, the janeu-Dhaari Shiva Bhakta was being accepted, lauded, even praised genuinely ! They said “Pappu Pass Ho Gaya”
Congress performed creditably losing by the thinnest of margins; and then the amazing feat of political jugglers in Karnataka to keep the BJP out!
So far so so good!
Then Pranab Mukherjee goes to the RSS Headquarters at Nagpur and the janeu-dhaari Shiva Bhakta starts spewing venom against “saffron terror” again!
The BJP loves it!
“We told you so” This man is really Roberto not Rahul; and the rest has been easy!
Suddenly from a man who seemed matured, balanced and ready to give Narendra Modi a run for his money Rahul Gandhi became Pappu again!
“Jawab Ka Sawaal “ was just one of the many slips of the Shiva Bhakta tongue…
And soon enough it became clear..
Of the 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati are willing to give ONLY TWO to the Congress; Amethi and Rae Bareilly!
In Madhya Pradesh BSP has already announced they will fight alone; non-BJP Alliance be damned!
In Karnakata JD(S) says “don’t take us for granted “
In West Bengal the BJP has pushed Congress to an irrelevant 3rd/4th emerging as the main contender against Mamata Banerjee’s TMC
So what’s left for the Congress?
Cede ground in the states to all regional parties and hope for a miracle in the Lok Sabha elections?
Not going to happen…
Ground once ceded rarely returns
All that remains is how much do Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi hate Modi ? Do they think it’s worth committing political suicide as long as Modi does not win?
We must remember here never has Modi looked so vulnerable as now; even Ram Mandir may not be able to consolidate the Hindu vote behind him the way things are!
Rightfully the Congress should have been seen as the ONLY alternative to Modi instead of being seen as a joke!
So how does Rahul Gandhi regain all that he has frittered away?
Reading up a bit on what the Congress Party stands for and implementing it would be a start!
And as a second step maybe, just maybe the Gandhis could start respecting other Congress leaders and workers and listening instead of lecturing!
Will they do it?
Well if they don’t, the only way they can stop Modi is by committing political suicide!