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Rana Kumbha; The Sisodia Lion Of Mewar Who Defeated 4 Combined Armies (3 Muslim and One Hindu) by RKB

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🌹This is the Real Lion Of The Sisodia Rajputs who was attacked by the combined Armies of Shams Khan (Nagaur) Mahmud Khalji (Malwa) Ahmad Shah (Gujarat) and Rao Jodha (Marwar) and DEFEATED all of them!
🌹And yes I WAS NEVER TAUGHT THIS in my NCERT HISTORY BOOKS …naturally since a Rajput King managed to defeat the combined Armies Of Shams Khan, Ahmad Shah and Mahmud Khalji…not worth teaching right or making a BOLLYWOOD film on? Right?
🌹Victorious against all enemies only to be murdered by his own son Uday Singh I (forever to be known as the Hatyara)
♦️When the ruler of Nagaur, Firuz (Firoz) Khan died around 1453-1454 this set into motion a series of events which tested Rana Kumbha’s (The Ruler Of Mewar) mettle as a warrior.
♦️Shams Khan (the son of Firuz Khan) initially sought the help of Rana Kumbha against his uncle Mujahid Khan, who had occupied the throne. After becoming the ruler, Shams Khan, refused to weaken his defenses, and sought the help of Ahmad Shah II, the Sultan of Gujarat (Ahmad Shah died in 1442).
♦️Angered by this, Kumbha captured Nagaur in 1456, and also Kasili, Khandela and Sakambhari.
♦️In reaction to this, Ahmad Shah II captured Sirohi and attacked Kumbhalmer. Mahmud Khalji and Ahmad Shah II then reached an agreement (treaty of Champaner) to attack Mewar and divide the spoils.
♦️Ahmad Shah II captured Abu, but was unable to capture Kumbhalmer, and his advance towards Chittor was also blocked.
♦️Rana Kumbha allowed the army to approach Nagaur, when he came out, and after a severe engagement, inflicted a crushing defeat on the Gujarat army, annihilating it.
♦️ Only a few stragglers from the combined Armies of Mahmud Khalji and Ahmad Shah II reached Ahmedabad, to carry the news of the disaster to the Sultan.
♦️Mahmud Khalji captured Ajmer and in December 1456, conquered Mandalgarh. Taking advantage of Kumbha’s preoccupation, Rao Jodha (the son of Ranmal Rathore) captured Mandore.
♦️It is a tribute to Rana Kumbha’s skills that he was able to defend his kingdom against this multi-directional attack. The death of Qutb-ud-din Ahmad Shah II in 1458, and hostilities between Mahmud Begada (the new ruler of Gujarat) and Mahmud Khalji allowed Rana Kumbha to recapture ALL his lost territories.
♦️Rana Kumbha successfully defended Mewar and expanded his territory at a time when he was surrounded by enemies like Mahmud Khalji of Malwa, Qutbuddin Ahmad Shah II of Gujarat Sultanate, Shams Khan of Nagaur and Rao Jodha of Marwar.
♦️To commemorate the victory of the Rajputs over the combined Armies of Malwa and Gujarat Rana Kumbha built the Vijaya Stambha (Victory Tower) at Chittorgarh dedicated to Lord Vishnu in 1448
♦️It is still the highest Victory Tower in Rajasthan
♦️So why wasn’t I taught about this in my NCERT HISTORY BOOKS?
♦️Was anyone, not from Rajasthan, taught about Rana Kumbha in school? Please?