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Only Gandhiji Can Save Congress by RKB

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January 23, 2024
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What Is The Congress Doing? Do They Know What They Are Doing?


Now that’s a question everyone is asking; everyone who has a stake in democracy that is

Congress with the India Alliance will destroy itself; most India Alliance partners are offshoots of Congress

And these partners will cannibalise Congress votes; in fact Congress within India Alliance will be reduced to less than half the Lok Sabha seats they hold today

India Alliance is the best thing that could ever have happened to the BJP

Has the Congress leadership abandoned its 139 year history? The Congress has a readymade playbook that shows the way forward; it’s Mahatma Gandhi’s “My Experiments With Truth” and his agitations on issues that were truly unpopular when he took them up, but the whole nation swears by them today!

Point is Congress forgot Mahatma Gandhi

And only Gandhi’s eclectic mix of politics, Jainism, Hinduism and Christian charity can bring back Congress to what it used to be. Gandhi fasted for all who were exploited, persecuted and downtrodden; the Harijans, indigo workers, Muslims!

Gandhi was never afraid to take up unpopular causes; and he refused to give up any cause

When will the Congress leadership display such courage of conviction?

Looking at the stop go manner in which Congress is going about things, I think NEVER

When did Congress acquire a reputation for being a-religious? For Gandhiji everything had religious undertones; satyagraha, quit India, Khadi, village as a unit…everything had Shri Ram in it

Where did THAT Congress go?

That really believed in homespun, welfare of the poorest of the poor, complete and total commitment to communal harmony?

Where did that Congress go?

Only to be replaced by a SUV driving, Gucci Glare wearing, Cartier jewellery flaunting, Rolex watch pinked out custom made designer kurta pyjama generation that didn’t really give a rat’s arse for the poor and it showed?

Rahul Gandhi surrounded by all the privileged rich kids whose parents and grandparents made billions from decades of Congress Rule; can he challenge the rags to riches Narendra Modi with a report card endorsed by a billion people?

Art 370 repealed

Ram Mandir constructed and inaugurated

Uniform Civil Code coming soon

Verbal Triple Talaq outlawed

Now how do you fight that?

You fight it by going back to basics

To the poorest of the poor

To the women and men without a voice

In other words you fight it by following Mahatma Gandhi and becoming like Gandhi

Will Rahul Gandhi do it?

Question is will he be allowed to do it?