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Enemy At The Gates; We Need To Help by RKB

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♦️Finally a cup of strong, very black coffee, no sugar!
♦️Feeling fatigued, with every bone ready to go in a different direction
♦️Maybe it’s the bloody beard that’s making me so tired
♦️Or maybe it’s just obsessing about the Chinese
♦️And how will Prime Minister #Modi get rid of them
♦️And how we can help as Indians
♦️Fact : our PM needs our help right now
♦️Fact : whatever be the actual situation on the LAC, the Army can only tell you what they think you need to know
♦️Fact : the PM can only tell us what the Army has told him to reveal publicly
♦️Fact : we need to be together in this
♦️Fact : all this rubbish about “Surrender Modi” has to stop
♦️Fact : so should all the trash about the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
There is only one question we need to ask ourselves..
Are we Indians or only politicians?
Rest is of no consequence!
Jai Hind
( #BabaGuruRKB)