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Modi And Ram Mandir, A New India Rises by RKB

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January 25, 2024
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Has India Really Awakened With The Ram Temple?


WELL  a part of her has; a big part

The part that was always smarting under the shame of having been shoved into the mud by invading Afghans, Turks, Arabs, Uzbeks who called themselves Mongols and became Mughals; temples broken, idols smashed, women raped, houses burnt

And this Babri Mosque had stood like a sneering, jeering, bullying symbol of all those defeats and insults for almost 500 years

The surprising part is there are creatures of a certain Left leaning allegedly liberal variety that love to wallow in that humiliation; who would defend a mosque but decry a defiled temple

Something had to give

And it did!

First on December 6, 1992

And then on January 22, 2024

This is how the so-called pillars of free and fair journalism described #pranpratishtha of #RamLalla at #Ayodhya by Prime Minister #narendramodi_primeminister

#CNN called Ram Temple event “Modi hails a new ‘divine India’ as he inaugurates controversial Hindu temple ahead of nationwide elections.’

#BBC : “India PM Modi inaugurates Hindu temple on razed Babri mosque site”

#NewYorkTimes : “Modi Opens a Giant Temple, a Triumph Toward a Hindu-First India”

#Reuters : “India’s Modi leads consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya”

#WashingtonPost : “Modi’s consecration of controversial Hindu temple caps years-long campaign”

This is really rock ‘n roll

And everywhere Narendra Modi is described as the leader of the Hindu Nationalist BJP; how about calling Joe Biden the Roman Catholic leader of the Christian Extremist Democratic Party?

The American President swears on the Bible and the US constitution when he takes oath office; that makes him a Christian extremist?

The Prime Minister of India takes his/her oath of office only on the Constitution of India; see the difference

And yet the Western media continues with its nauseous profiling of all non-Western, non-Christian leaders!

Unfortunately there are enough lunatics with a lobotomy here in India that are still slaves to the Colonial White Man’s Burden screeching in pain about Indian resurgence

India wakes up to a new dawn; where no one needs to apologise for their religion

And that goes for everyone

Till now Hindus were seen keeping their religion under wraps for fear of offending other religious groups

When was the last time you saw a ‘Navratri Get Together” at Rashtrapati Bhavan or the Prime Minister’s house?

So why were the same settings used for Iftaar Parties and Eid Milans?

So Iftaar at ministerial bungalows is secular, but Navratri Puja or Deepavali Reception is communal, fascist, dictatorial?

What could be funnier?

Or more unjust?

The Hindu majority was told “don’t talk of your religion, don’t show your religious symbols, don’t do this, don’t do that…if you are a Hindu”

Something had to give

And it did

Now with the Ram Temple rebuilt at AYODHYA after 500 years HINDU identity need not hide under the huge weight and colossal waste of secular idiocy

INDIAN secularism is not absence of religion

It is respect for every religion

And the Ram Temple reiterates that “respect for all religions”

And yes, Modi is the man who has done it

You don’t like it? Too bad

Modi is here. BJP is here. The Hindu is here too

So are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsees, Jews

And the atheists plus Leftists

That’s India now!

What will India be in the near future?

That’s another story