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December 28, 2017
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Jadhav Case; India Needs To Thank Pakistan

India needs to be thankful to Pakistan!
We really and truly need to say Thank You to our friends across the border!
Mrs Jadhav Sr and Mrs Jadhav Jr , mother and wife of Former Indian Naval Commander (equivalent to Lt Col in the Army) Kulbhushan Jadhav were treated in the most horrible, distasteful, disgusting manner by the Pakistani establishment!
But just imagine if the Pakis had treated them with decency, in a civilised and cultured manner?
Then where would we be?
The fury over the treatment meted out to Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav’s mother and wife by the Pakistanis is justified!
However we have to remember this was our best opportunity to get “PROOF OF LIFE” in that whether or not Commander Jadhav was alive!
In that purpose we have been successful.
The horrendous and disgusting treatment meted out to two women by the Pakistanis is a bonus; it shows once again to the world that the Pakistani establishment are not just liars but rotten, incorrigible liars!
Humanity has no part to play here!
This is diplomacy!
And once again the Pakistani Establishment has shot itself in the face (not even the foot)
India should be grateful to the Paki Top Brass for their crass, crude and coarse behaviour; if Pakistanis had behaved in a civilised manner what would we have had to beat Pakistan with?
In fact if an Indian had planned this he couldn’t have done it better; today the Pakistan Top Brass has walked right into quicksand and will soon drown in it
And for that we are grateful!
We are grateful to the Morons among the Pakistani Tin Hats who did this to the Jadhavs!
For once again the Pakistani Top Brass has exposed itself as having no interest in either good relations with India or in the welfare of their own people!
Can you just imagine where would we have been if both the Jadhav ladies had actually been shown courtesy by the Pakistanis?
What would Sushma Swaraj, India’s External Affairs Minister have had to say then?
“We are now opening our doors for ALL medical visa applications from Pakistan?”
“Government of India has withdrawn all objections to bilateral cricket series between India and Pakistan?”
And so on…
Where would India’s case be in the international community that Pakistan is a Terrorist State along with being a barbaric State and a Rogue State and so on?
So whosoever did this to Mrs Jadhav Sr and Mrs Jadhav Jr did india a HUGE FAVOUR!
That the two Indian ladies had to go through Hell for that is something that India should always be grateful to them for!
Is this our friend the NSA Ajit Doval’s work?
If it is, he deserves to be congratulated on a humiliation well sought!
Pakistan’s Top Brass just cut off their nose to spite their own face!
Suits us fine…
So thank you to whichever moron in Islamabad (Rawalpindi) did this…and may your tribe increase!
Soon, very soon you will ensure there is NO Pakistan left!