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February 01, 2018
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Modi Is Still Our Best Bet

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still the best and only candidate for the post of India’s Chief Executive.
The reason is simple.
Modi spells HOPE.
Modi’s message is of strength.
Modi’s philosophy is “India First and India Can Do It”
Notwithstanding anything and everything that’s been said and unsaid Modi has infused India with a newfound confidence that says “nothing’s impossible”
Certainly Modi did not bring us here!
We were on the threshold of this “either you respect us or be kind enough to move out of the way” but Modi crossed the threshold and took us into this all new world where India is at the High Table in most places!
We do things and we do them with all the noise, pomp and show in the world…when we succeed we let the world know!
When we fail we tell the world “we’ll be back!”
I don’t even need to contrast with the earlier humility that used to characterise the “Indian” way of doing things…where if things didn’t get done it was just India…”yeh Hindustan hai bhai”
For the first time ever we got a Prime Minister who said “I shall not accept chalta hai…or second best”
And that’s where Modi is winning!
The rest of the Opposition has still not realised they are trying to recreate the Black & White era on film when we are used to watching movies in 3-D soon to evolve into immersive content!
That’s Modi! And what he stands for!
Invent! Innovate! Improvise! Initiate!
The old caste combos may have worked a little bit in Gujarat, have worked somewhat in the bypolls in Rajasthan…but that’s just a blip in the onward march of Modi’s India!
So where will the danger come from for Modi?
From his own morons who CREATED Kasganj!
How does Modi control them?
More importantly can he control them?
In fact only the ultra-dimwits of the ultra-right who are allegedly ultra-loyalists of Modi can derail him and the BJP!
If these creatures from Jurassic Park can be sent back to the Wildlife Sanctuary they managed to slip out of, nothing can stop Narendra Modi from being Prime Minister again…
Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee (of whom Mamata Banerjee commands the most loyalty) can hardly hold a candle to Modi…
Maybe, maybe Rahul Gandhi will be a serious candidate for Prime Minister in 2025…
But till that day Modi is exactly what India needs and that’s exactly what India has got and that’s exactly what India will get in 2019!