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The Privileged Flew Into India, brought in Corona; the Poor Are Being Forced To Trek Back Home by RKB

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A disease spread by the rich by their jet setting will take its toll on the poor

♦️Who takes care of the poor, the underprivileged, the deprived, the daily wagers, the farm labourer, the people living on the pavement, the beggars, the homeless, the old, the disabled and the penniless?

♦️What is social distancing and lockdown for them?

♦️Social distancing is a privilege.

♦️It means you live in a house large enough to practise it.

♦️Hand washing is a privilege too.

♦️It means you have access to running water. Hand sanitisers are a privilege.

♦️It means you have money to buy them.

♦️Lockdowns are a privilege.

♦️It means you can afford to be at home.

♦️Most of the ways to ward the Corona off are accessible only to the affluent.

♦️In essence, a disease that was spread by the rich as they flew around the globe will now kill millions of the poor.

♦️All of us who are practising social distancing and have imposed a lockdown on ourselves must appreciate how privileged we are.

♦️Many Indians won’t be able to do any of this.

♦️Thank God Kerala is at least thinking of the Poor.

♦️What about our central government and other states?