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Mumbai Slums Are A Corona Virus Time Bomb Waiting to Explode by RKB

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The Slums Of Mumbai Pose The Greatest Challenge For The Corona Virus Emergency

♦️ #CoronaVirusTimeBomb
♦️The Mumbai Slums are a ticking time bomb!
♦️Will we be able to defuse it in time?
♦️Do we have the wherewithal to defuse it at all?
♦️Just one infected patient could spell catastrophe for the entire city
♦️And then for the whole country
♦️What are we doing?
♦️At the Juhu Nehru Nagar slum no one is allowed out or in
♦️At the Gita Colony slum at Malabar Hill (yes even the posh Malabar Hill with flat prices at ₹1,30,000 per sq ft has slums) policemen guard all exit and entry points
♦️The problem lies in Dharavi, Malad, Chembur, Borivali
♦️You just can’t Police those
♦️So what are we doing?