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*Tonight on #THERKBSHOW with Adv Pradeep Nambiar, and environmental warriors Zouru Bathena, Shweta Wagh, Nitin Killawala, Stalin Dayanand on Carter Road, Bandra on #NEWSWORLDINDIA at 10:30 pm on TATA SKY 525 AIRTEL 324 Digicable 194 JIO TV
*Why has the beautification work on Carter Road taken over two and a half years and is still incomplete?
*Is the idea is to destroy the mangroves abutting the Carter Road promenade, fill up the area with concrete, make a parking lot there and destroy the inter-tidal eco-system that has kept Bandra safe so far!
*And this is not a screenplay for a new Amazon or Netflix Horror Show
*It’s really happening at Carter Road, Bandra
Says Shweta Wagh, Architect “the roots of the mangroves are being cut off from the tides by systematically dumping debris right around the channels; so what you are seeing right now is the death of a world”
*Zoru Bhathena , environment activist “there are at least 1500 people who walk here daily; and they are seeing what’s happening! Yet no one protests! This is distressing”
*Stalin Dayanand of Vanshakti “ Very soon Mumbai will just have concrete walls everywhere; no beaches, no mangroves, no forests, no marine life”
*Nitin Killawala, Architect “ You are seeing a microscopic example of what the Coastal Road will do to the rest of Mumbai here! Soon there will be no beaches left in the whole of Mumbai”