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Gr8 News From Sariska; 20 Tigers Now by RKB

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🐅In 2005 the Project Tiger agency found that the Sariska Tiger Reserve had no tigers left; all killed by poachers
🐅Then a Bold experiment was tried out to save Sariska; today there are 20 tigers in the Reserve
🐅In July 2008, two tigers from Ranthambhore National Park were relocated to Sariska Tiger Reserve. Another female tiger was relocated in February 2009.
🐅In 2012, two tiger cubs and their mother were spotted in the reserve bringing the total number of tigers to seven with five adults. In July 2014, two more cubs were spotted, so that there were 11 tigers in total.
🐅As of October 2018, there are 18 tigers including five cubs.
🐅By 2020, the tiger population in the reserve has risen to 20.
🐅The picture shows a tigress with her cubs clicked by an automated camera trap at Sariska