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Being Mahesh Bhatt “No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished” by RKB

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♦️So what’s it like being Mahesh Bhatt?
♦️The man who introduced more newcomers as film stars, as directors, cinematographers, film editors, sound editors, music directors, song writers, screenplay writers, story writers, dialogue writers (I could go on) than the whole of Bollywood put together?
♦️What’s it like being called the vile, noxious, obscene, disgusting and degrading names he has been called by the very people he took a risk on?
♦️And I say degrading because you are not degrading Mahesh Bhatt you are degrading yourself when you go on a rabid, hateful rant against the man who put you on screen to give you your first hit (or among your first hits)
♦️The genius of Sadak, Saraansh and Naam!
♦️So now you will make him defend himself from the malice of all the failed cretinous creatures waiting to consume the magnificent edifice of Bollywood to expatiate their failures?
♦️Could we imagine Anupam Kher without Saraansh?
♦️Or the brilliant acting abilities of Sanjay Dutt without Sadak?
♦️The man who along with brother Mukesh started #VisheshFilms for the sole purpose of bringing in new talent into Bollywood is being accused of a feudatory feral nature that’s nothing short of insane?
♦️So what’s it like being Mahesh Bhatt the man who backed this clutch of brilliant directors Tanuja Chandra, Amol Shetge, Anurag Basu, Mohit Suri, Hasnain Hydrabadwala, Raju Khan, Raksha Mistry, Kunal Deshmukh, Vishal Mahadkar, Karan Darra, Pushpreet Bharadwaj, have Srijit Mukherjee his first Hindi film to direct and you can also add on Vikram Bhatt, Vishesh Bhatt!
♦️If THAT is nepotism I am Pope Francesco the Fifth; alright if that doesn’t work for you I am Maharaja Ranjit Singh the Second!
♦️And the list of great actors like Anupam Kher, Emraan Hashmi, Pooja Bhatt, John Abraham and oh yes…Kangana Ranaut HERSELF (her intellectually challenged rants notwithstanding you see her in QUEEN (not a Mahesh Bhatt film) and you know you are in the presence of sheer genius; but what is it that they say about genius and madness?)
♦️I could go on and on and on…about the rest of the actors Mahesh Bhatt backed; put his own money in films that could have bankrupted him because these newbies had no initial draw; continued with it in spite of horrified opposition from his Chartered Accountants, took losses on the chin and gave credit to the newcomers when the films worked!
♦️Like when Mallika Sherawat became this HUGE STAR because of a Mahesh Bhatt film and she just wanted endorsement from the Big Boys Of Bollywood and Hollywood
♦️I remember Mahesh Bhatt saying to her in front of me ( we had just finished the RKB Show with him on Sunil Dutt Saheb) on the phone “darling it’s your life, what can I say except wish you all the best!”
♦️I asked if that was Mallika Sherawat and Bhatt Saheb replied with an unhappy smile “one more bites the dust “
♦️It was as if he had just suffered a personal loss!
♦️And what Mahesh Bhatt feared really happened!
♦️Where is Mallika Sherawat today?
♦️Yet the man continued with his stubborn investment in new ideas, new generation, younger people with ideas that would be unintelligible to a host of established Bollywood Production Houses!
♦️And he is crucified by a bunch of no-hopers who would love to be in Mahesh Bhatt’s shoes but cannot; what will you blame Mahesh Bhatt for next? The assassination of JFK?
♦️Oh hell as I keep repeating to myself at least thrice a day “You are always punished for your good deeds”