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May 15, 2018
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MUNIR KHAN SAVES LAKHS OF LIVES but the medical world is excited about a cure for the COMMON COLD

The world is really excited about this ALL NEW DISCOVERY…
UK scientists believe they may have found a way to combat the common cold.
Rather than attacking the virus itself, which comes in hundreds of versions, the treatment targets the human host.
It blocks a key protein in the body’s cells that cold viruses normally hijack to self-replicate and spread.
This should stop any cold virus in its tracks if given early enough, lab studies suggest. Safety trials in people could start within two years.
Wonderful to hear this…
Haven’t they heard of a man called MUNIR KHAN?
His tonic has been curing common colds, giving relief to people suffering from every known terminal disease for years!
But when MUNIR KHAN cures people he is called quack, fraud and every other epithet known in the LEGAL BILLINGSGATE…
When Baba Ramdev’s Yoga allegedly cures every other ailment (apart from his own knee replacement or twisted intestine) it is hailed as the WONDER OF ANCIENT INDIAN SCIENCE!
MUNIR KHAN gets pilloried for curing lakhs of patients…placebo or not; Baba Ramdev heads a ₹20,000/ crore FMCG empire based on a cocktail of Yoga, Ancient Doctrine, Nationalist Mumbo-Jumbo and exercises other Yoga Gurus and medical professionals say could harm you irreparably!
So what’s the deal with Munir Khan?
First he is Khan. This means he is Muslim. And “Busted, Disgusted…Muslims can’t be Trusted” is the new anthem…YES????
I know of enough people personally whose ailments have actually disappeared following Munir Khan’s All Purpose Tonic (no Gin or Vodka) after all major medical establishments had more or less given up on them…
So what does that have to to do with the Common Cold?
That’s because till now the medical profession knows effectively zilch about how to prevent and cure the common cold…
And Munir Khan does!
But since he is Munir Khan there won’t be any respectable medical institution doing research on how THAT TONIC works!
Now back to the COMMON COLD…
The Imperial College London researchers are working on making a form of the drug that can be inhaled, to reduce the chance of side-effects.
In the lab, it worked within minutes of being applied to human lung cells, targeting a human protein called NMT, Nature Chemistry journal reports.
All strains of cold virus need this human protein to make new copies of themselves.
Researcher Prof Ed Tate said: “The idea is that we could give it to someone when they first become infected and it would stop the virus being able to replicate and spread.
“Even if the cold has taken hold, it still might help lessen the symptoms.
“This could be really helpful for people with health conditions like asthma, who can get quite ill when they catch a cold.”
He said targeting the host rather than the infection was “a bit radical” but made sense because the viral target was such a tricky one.
Cold viruses are not only plentiful and diverse, they also evolve rapidly, meaning they can quickly develop resistance to drugs.
The test drug completely blocked several strains of cold virus without appearing to harm the human cells in the lab. Further studies are needed to make sure it is not toxic in the body though.
Dr Peter Barlow of the British Society for Immunology said: “While this study was conducted entirely in vitro – using cells to model Rhinovirus infection in the laboratory – it shows great promise in terms of eventually developing a drug treatment to combat the effects of this virus in patients.”
Fighting a cold
Colds spread very easily from person to person. And the viruses that cause the infections can live on hands and surfaces for 24 hours.
Painkillers and cold remedies might help ease the symptoms. But currently there is nothing that will halt the infection.
You can catch a cold by:
• inhaling tiny droplets of fluid that contain the cold virus – these are launched into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes
• touching an object or surface contaminated by infected droplets and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes
• touching the skin of someone who has the infected droplets on their skin and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes
Symptoms – a runny or blocked nose, sneezing and sore throat – usually come on quickly and peak after a couple of days. Most people will feel better after a week or so. But a mild cough can persist for a few weeks
That’s the deal about the common cold
And this miracle new molecule will be worth BILLIONS to the pharmaceutical company behind its research and manufacture!
And where does that leave MUNIR KHAN who does not use the terms symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis?
Right where he was…curing more than 95% of the people who stagger into his office in Mumbai who have been written off as on the way to the Pearly Gates…
Only Munir Khan says to St Peter “Wait my friend…you will have to wait a little longer”
Point is whosoever “DISCOVERS” the cure for a common cold will probably get the Nobel Prize for Medicine..
And Munir Khan who saves hundreds of lives daily will have to fight tooth and nail to tell the legal system that “if my tonic does not make you feel better in two doses return it and take your full money back!”
And why do we do that?
That’s because Munir Khan is Indian…?