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So Why Do Leftists Believe China And Not Their Own Govt? by RKB

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♦️Aum Shree Ganeshaya Namah!
♦️The Govt Of India bans 59 Chinese apps
♦️All liberals/leftists have a field day poking fun at the PM!
♦️One worthy even stated on Twitter “we have taken revenge for the surrender of Ladakh; we have banned TikTok”
♦️And the chorus of dimwitted dunderheads joins in the laughter!
♦️So the Chinese Flag is flying at CHQ, Leh?
♦️All our Su 30 Mki’s, MiG-29s, T-90 MBTs, M-777 field guns, 155 mm howitzers have all been destroyed by the Chinese…because they sent Jackie Chan and Jet Li last night to do so ?
♦️And the Bihar Regiment, Sikh Regiment, Punjab Regiment have all decided to become Chinese?
♦️Wait and watch you Lobotomised Liberal Lunatics
♦️The Indian Armed Forces will do what is necessary when they deem it necessary when they are ready not when you perverted pissants want them to!