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A Lesson In Management From Hanuman by RKB

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🌺Jai Bajrang Bali🌺
🌺Ravana’s physician Sushena tells Hanuman “To get the Sanjeevani Plant from the mountain you will have to use all your wisdom and all your strength; and the mountain will test you like you have never been tested before “
🌺Hanuman asks “That Plant will save My Lord?”
🌺Sushena replies “ Yes it will; but the asuras, rakshasas will divert and distract you; the Sanjeevani Herself will try to hide herself from you; other plants on the mountain will take on the form of the Sanjeevani and shine with an unreal light! Don’t be distracted, just focus all your wisdom and all your strength and bring it back before the Sun rises again or it will be too late”
🌺What does Hanuman do?
🌺He brings back the whole mountain!

(When in doubt about whom to help, just HELP EVERYBODY)