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China Must Be Forced To Pay For What COVID19 Has Done To The World by RKB

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Chinese President Xi Jinping after Wuhan had allegedly been declared Corona Free
Can anyone trust China after the horror of COVID19 ?

♦️China Must Be Made To Pay For The Chinese Virus♦️
?? China is where the virus began!
?? China silenced whistleblowers!
?? China covered it up!
?? China lied about the extent of the outbreak & blamed others!
?? China STILL lies about new cases!
?? China refused offers to help contain the virus!
?? China infected the world!!
?? So why does WHO support whatever lies the Chinese are dishing out?
?? Simply because all Heads of WHO owe their positions to heavy lobbying by the Chinese through their African proxies and client states in Asia
Fact ; we still don’t know what is the actual state of the Wuhan epidemic
Fact ; we still don’t know the exact number of people who were infected
Fact ; we still don’t know how many of these infected people infected others
Fact ; we are absolutely in the dark about the actual number of dead in China
Fact ; we are still not sure if China has indeed managed to make itself COVID19 free
?? We only have the word of the Chinese for it!
??Should we believe the Chinese Govt?
??How can anyone possibly believe a Govt that imprisoned the Doctor who warned of exactly such a crisis?
??However the WHO asks us and the rest of the world to believe what the Chinese are saying
??Let’s be clear this is THE CHINESE VIRUS
??Whatever anyone says the Chinese are responsible and must be made to pay for what they have done to the rest of the world
♦️According to #Newsweek (“Some Wuhan residents estimate that the coronavirus death toll could be 26,000, based on the amount of urns being delivered and distributed across the city. Citizens on Chinese social media have said that seven Wuhan funeral homes will likely distribute 3,500 urns per day on average from March 23 to April 4, which marks Qing Ming, the traditional tomb-sweeping festival. By that estimate, 42,000 urns would be given out in the 12-day period.
♦️By subtracting the expected deaths of roughly 16,000 in Wuhan, based on China’s annual death rate over two and a half months, they estimate that the urns show that the coronavirus outbreak could have resulted in approximately 26,000 deaths. It is currently unclear, however, how many of the urns have been used.
♦️Math based on urns, assumptions and social media isn’t anything to go by. But it offers one estimation of the city’s real death figure and further lends credence to the skepticism held by many of the accuracy of the Chinese government’s officially reported Wuhan COVID-19 death tally.”)
♦️Even a a conservative estimate would place the number of deaths in Wuhan alone at over 26,000
♦️And we have no means of knowing if this figure holds or if the figure for neighbouring districts is as high
??The Chinese are saying nothing
??It wasn’t until Jan. 20, 40 days after the virus was first detected, that Chinese President Xi Jinping first issued instructions to control the virus, but by then it was too late, both because the virus had already become an epidemic, and because the government’s credibility with the Chinese public had suffered a devastating blow.
??A hashtag demanding an apology to Mr. Li was viewed 180 million times before it was blocked by the regime, and many in China are now comparing the epidemic to the Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union, which contributed heavily to the Soviet regime’s loss of legitimacy and its eventual downfall.
??China could be approaching a similar systemic crisis.
??In an essay published earlier this month, Xu Zhangrun – a Tsinghua University law professor who was fired last year for dissent and has emerged as the most prominent democratic voice since Liu Xiaobo – charged that the epidemic has revealed “the rotten core” of the Chinese system.
??With the country ruled by “in-house Party hacks,” he said that day-to-day governance is in a state of “terminal decay”, and that “the rot goes right up to Beijing.” Mr. Xi, according to Mr. Xu, is “clueless,” and lacks any “substantive understanding of rulership and governance, despite his undeniable talent for playing power politics.”
??Reform is “dead in a ditch,” normal governance has been replaced by “systemic atrophy,” and because of its “aggressive international posture” and refusal to “become a modern political civilization”, China has become increasingly isolated from the modern global system.
??Mr. Xu believes that the only way China can end this isolation and regain the people’s trust is by embracing constitutional democracy.
??Will it happen? Will we ever know the truth?
??I doubt it. As the Chinese have shown in the past they would rather leave a million rotting corpses in their wake than usher in reforms that would grant the right to question to their own people!