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Modi Hating NRIs STRENGTHEN India’s Resolve by RKB

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India will fight this together and win

♦️Can these comical, creepy Modi Hating NRIs living in the US shut up about what India is not doing right and worry about the catastrophe staring America in the face?
♦️And whereas I believe that the curfew/lockdown/enforced isolation should have been more graded it is comical to see NRI #ModiHaters living in the US and elsewhere rant about all that’s wrong with what the Govt is doing!
♦️Living in Texas, in New York, in California these dimwitted dunderheads cannot see the disaster the US is facing (in spite of the fact that these spiteful, vicious Modi haters are living there) but will keep posting abusive content against the Indian PM
♦️You want to do something for your home country?
♦️Come home and work with us
♦️Otherwise shut up and allow us to sort out our own difficulties our way
♦️It is of course true that most of these ridiculous dregs are self limiting because they only listen to each other; any other point of view qualifies you as an Andh Bhakta
♦️Fact is everyone is doing the best they can
♦️From #Modi to #UddhavThackeray to #PinariVijayan to #ArvindKejriwal to #YogiAdityanath to #MamataBanerjee to everyone else!

Everyone from Modi to Thackeray to Kejriwal and all State CMs are doing the best they can