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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Demise Feeds Revenge, Hubris and Every Failed Actor’s 30 secs Of Infamy by RKB

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♦️Itna Sannaata Kyon Hai Bhai?
♦️So?Mr #KaranJohar and Mr #MaheshBhatt told Ms #RheaChakraborty to harass and loot Mr #SushantSinghRajput ?
♦️Is that the new #ManiacMafia theory?
♦️Come ON!
♦️What happened to the #BollywoodMafia?
♦️#gangsofbollywood ? #Nepotism?
♦️The nexus that drove a young man to suicide?
(I still maintain I am not convinced it’s suicide and I am just a geriatric ex- and axed- news anchor always deviating but never deviant)
♦️What are you lot?
♦️Lunatics with a lobotomy?
♦️Dimwitted dunderheads with an intense case of Asperger’s syndrome leading to hubris that makes you believe you are the Queen Of Sheba ? Alright Jhansi?
♦️And some utterly asinine products of the What’s App University call it gutsy?
♦️Gutsy to abuse every major film maker of Bollywood with a body of work to die for?
♦️Gutsy to make horrendous, noxious and vile accusations against people who have made Bollywood the envy of the rest of the world?
♦️Gutsy to go on an abusive rant without a shred of what used to be called evidence? Evidence? Huh? What’s that? Ken diya toh keh diya!
♦️Senior journalists behaving like lunatics with a lobotomy catering to an audience as depraved as the dunces cheering for them
♦️Cretinous Clowns catering to flops dancing to a frenzied fiddler in a state of inebriation brought on by their own kaleidoscopic images in mirrored mansions
♦️Could this hallucinogenic nightmare really be happening?
♦️It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad world without the sobering presence of a Spencer Tracy!
♦️More like rabid B-grade bit players in someone else’s Bollywood Success Story?
♦️So do you still think the Bollywood’s So-called Mafia (dreamt up by hysterical dimwits) had driven #SushantSinghRajput to suicide?
♦️I have been saying this for sometime
♦️And have been called whatever a geriatric, crotchety, out of work ex-news anchor can be called
(And all of whatever I have been called is true)
♦️But do remember once a journalist always a journalist
♦️And I take every abusive, degrading and obscene comment as a compliment!
♦️So thank you …
♦️But for the rest …now we are told this is all about blackmail, extortion and intimidation from a femme fatale (allegedly)
♦️So are you cretinous Clowns NOW blaming #MaheshBhatt and #KaranJohar for #SSR’s choice in female companions? And of course how to handle his finances? Mr Mahesh Bhatt , apart from being easily one of the most brilliant film makers, is also a financial wiz? Right?
♦️INSIDER-OUTSIDER? (Nothing to do with INSIDE OUTSIDE the lovely interiors magazine brought out by the brilliant #AshokAdvani of #BusinessIndia)
♦️I told you my 38-39 years in journalism told me something does not smell right here
♦️Thats what I have been saying all along
♦️Can you find #KaranJohar #AdityaChopra #MaheshBhatt #ShahrukhKhan #SalmanKhan #AliaBhatt anywhere here?
♦️Will some sanity return now?
🤪Gangs of Bollywood?🤪🤪🤪
♦️Or will the screechers keep on with their own personal vendetta?
♦️Spurred on by the drumbeat of Television plumbing depths lower than the lowest sediment
♦️Dante’s Purgatory here I come…
♦️in nomine’ patris et fili et spiritus sancti