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Sachin Pilot Loses Pilot License; Congress In Suicide Mode by RKB

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♦️Should Congress just turn cold towards Sachin Pilot, and let him drift? That would be the worst possible thing to do…

♦️They did exactly that….sacked Sachin; so the real rock’ n roll begins now. The Party decides whatever Gehlot Decides Goes! Goodbye Mr Pilot! Is this the roads to disaster for the Congress that the BJP has been plotting for over a year?
♦️Exactly what the BJP allowed Devendra Fadnavis to do to Uddhav Thackeray who just calmly formed the Govt with NCP and Congress!
♦️This is politics
♦️Not a morality play
♦️Shake hands with Sachin
♦️Promise whatever he wants
♦️Deliver what you can
♦️Tell Ashok Gehlot to pipe down
♦️And consolidate!
♦️Consolidate! Consolidate! Consolidate!
♦️Save Rajasthan, and don’t let Sachin Pilot go right now!
♦️Whatever it takes
♦️Do remember this is Sachin Pilot we are talking about
♦️This is how the #Congress , #SoniaGandhi and #RahulGandhi humiliated #SachinPilot
♦️Pilot joined #CongressParty in 2003
♦️He became an MP in 2004 at 26
♦️Central minister at 32
♦️Rajasthan PCC president at 36
♦️Rajasthan Dy CM at 40
♦️OMG! How Bloody Unfair!
♦️If he joins the #BJP he will want #Modi’s chair within a year
♦️But right now the Congress can’t afford any further leaks
♦️So the leadership should bite the bullet and let Mr Pilot believe he is still at the flight controls
♦️Anything else will only weaken the party that the whole of India needs to be strong
♦️A polity without a strong opposition is an autocracy pretending to be a democracy
♦️Congress has to be saved from itself