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When Dawood Told Jethmalani “I Want To Surrender” by RKB

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♦️My friend and one of the most amazing men I have ever met #RamJethmalani has passed on to that Big Court in the Sky to continue his brilliant legal arguments …
♦️On #THERKBSHOW on #SaharaSamayMumbai Mr #Jethmalani revealed how #DawoodIbrahim had called him once saying he wanted to surrender and stand trial!
♦️Jethamalani says he told “Senior Ministers but the Govt was unwilling to meet his conditions which were somewhat similar to Abu Salem’s conditions apart from the fact that he did not want to be held in a jail but a guesthouse, no physical torture and no death sentence”
♦️He was Brilliant! Bloody Brilliant!
♦️Amazingly enough he seemed particularly fond of me
♦️I can’t quite imagine why…