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Time To Throw Out The Chinese Is Now; Tomorrow May Be Too Late by RKB

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♦️Indians stand ready to make all sacrifices necessary to battle the Chinese
♦️Ready to fight till the last bullet, bayonet, kirpan, sword, knife, man, woman and child
♦️Is our Govt ready?
♦️Fact : China respects only strength
♦️Fact : China doesn’t care about you
♦️Fact : China will do what China wants
♦️Fact : WE have to throw the Chinese out by FORCE
♦️Fact : China was never and will never be OUR friend
♦️Fact : China will always look better with a bloody nose
♦️The Chinese Army is refusing to move back from Pangong Tso Lake
♦️Indian Army is on high alert with over 60,000 soldiers deployed in East Ladakh
♦️India has deployed Bhism tanks, Apache attack helicopters, Sukhoi fighter jets, Chinook and Rudra
♦️The new Israeli State Of The Art missile system will also be deployed by August end
♦️The China Study Group (CSG) headed by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval reviewed the outcome of the marathon 15-hour-long fourth round of Corps Commander-level talks between India and China
?The CSG comprises the Cabinet Secretary, the Secretaries of Home, External Affairs and Defence as well as representatives of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.
♦️The CSG will advise the PM on further course of action on the India-China border from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh
♦️This advice will come possibly after weeks of deliberations
♦️This means the Chinese will have more time to consolidate
♦️I have said this before
♦️I am saying so again
♦️There is only one way this can be resolved
♦️And THAT is by force of arms
♦️Let loose the Indian Armed Forces
♦️Let 10,000 body bags go back to Beijing
♦️We don’t have a choice
♦️Anything else is just being delusional
♦️China has never believed in and will never believe in respecting India or equality with India
♦️There is no other way!
♦️Whatever alleged de-escalation happens now between India and China it is just postponing the inevitable conflict
♦️India will have to push China out by force of arms
♦️Rest is just smoke and mirrors
♦️Depends on when the Armed Forces are ready
♦️And when OUR Govt develops an iron will
♦️The nation is ready; the Modi Govt should decide when they want to retake Aksai Chin and start the process of liberation of Tibet
♦️Now is the time when the world stands against China
♦️This opportunity may never come again