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Do Indian Muslims Have Hindu Blood For Breakfast? by RKB

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♦️Do Indian Muslims have tails, horns and fangs? No, they are as human (mentally, physically and emotionally) as most other Indians.
♦️Do they eat only Biryani, Korma, Kebabs and Beef for breakfast, lunch and dinner? No, they also love Gobi, Bhindi, Lauki, Kaddu, Tamatar, Karela, Paneer, Chana, Daal et al
♦️Do they hide knives, pistols, grenades in kurta pockets? Most of the time they carry mobile phones in one pocket, wallet in the other
♦️Do they hate followers of other religions especially Hindus? Not that I know of; they also love/hate/are neutral towards individuals not on the basis of religion but relationships.
♦️Do they love ISI, ISIS, Al Qaeda, other radical Islamic terrorist outfits? No, they don’t. In fact terrorists have killed more Muslims worldwide than followers of any other religion
♦️Do they visit temples, Gurudwaras, churches? Yes, there is no restriction in Islam on visiting places of worship of any religion.
♦️Are they rabidly violent, aggressive and NUTS by nature? There is no evidence to show that they are collectively or individually more or less aggressive, violent or insane than followers of other faiths.
♦️What are the top priorities for Indian Muslims?Employment, Business, Education, security, jobs for their kids, healthcare, clean drinking water (yes Muslims have water too; they don’t survive on Blood) and that India should WIN every cricket match
♦️Do Indian Muslims have loyalty towards Pakistan? If there is one thing that differentiates Indian Muslims from the rest of Indians it is their absolute hatred and antagonism towards anything and everything Pakistani
♦️And yes Indian Muslims also wake, eat, sleep, have a bath, buy clothes, eat out like the rest of humanity
♦️And can you believe it? Indian Muslims also have Coke, Pepsi, Thums Up! Isn’t that something!
♦️Wonder of wonders they even watch TV; subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime
Have a great Sunday everyone!