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November 22, 2017
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Why Krishna Hegde In BJP Spells Doom For Congress

Krishna Hegde was only an MLA of the Congress in Mumbai from Parle. He was loyal to the point of the unbelieveable! The late Sunil Dutt, MP loved him like a son! But then so did Balasaheb Thackeray (Hegde’s father-in-law was in the Shiv Sena, father in the Congress)
Today Krishna Hegde is in the BJP!
It’s not as if Hegde suddenly became a convert to Hindutva, Ram Temple, Beef Ban
It just so happened that the Congress decided to leave people like Hegde by the wayside. Forget Hegde even people like Gurudas Kamath feel slighted and are now at home, refusing to be in the company of the Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam!
So is the case with Krupa Shankar Singh, Bhai Jagtap and the rest!
So what’s wrong?
When Rahul Gandhi wanted someone aggressive to counter the BJP/Shiv Sena he chose Sanjay Nirupam! And has supported him through thick and thin!
This left the Old Congress Guard feeling let down, insulted, humiliated. People like Prithviraj Chavan, Suresh Shetty…even Ashokbhau Jadhav felt left out, ignored, insulted, humiliated!
So how can the Congress stage a comeback with most of its Old Guard waiting for another electoral disaster in Mumbai?
The answer is it can’t!
The Congress has ignored its backbone at its own peril…and notwithstanding all the media hype surrounding Rahul Gandhi’s Social Media Skills there is NO LOYAL Congress cadre left anymore!
Will Rahul Gandhi read the writing on the wall?
Or will he wait till even Krupa Shankar Singh follows Narayan Rane to join the BJP?
The Congress seems to have forgotten what made them the Obvious Ruling Party…Krishna Hegde’s amazing work for the BJP is just one more example of what Rahul Gandhi has done to the Congress.
My simple advice is …”You want the Congress to win? Get people like Krishna Hegde back. Or soon, very soon there will be no Congress left in Mumbai”