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Muslim Poets Who Loved Sri Krishna by RKB

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June 05, 2021
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This is definitely going to get all my Sanghi friends and my Wahabi pals fired up to see I get deported to Pakistan (or wherever)
It’s a different thing altogether that the Pakistanis don’t want an idiot like me either…an inspired idiot who still believes Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsees, Jews will overcome the prejudices of the past and leave a far better world for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!
I still believe the entire sub-continent is one HUGE cultural melting pot with a Unique Identity of its own
That one day from Peshawar to Lahore to Amritsar to Srinagar to Lucknow to Kolkata to Dhaka to Chennai to Mumbai we are bound by an all embracing thread that refuses to break in spite of our best efforts!
Just a small point
Take a look at some of the prominent Muslim poets who have written, composed and sung in praise of Lord Krishna
Now if that does not tell you something, then nothing will…
🌹Hafeez Jalandhari was an active member of the Muslim League that campaigned for Pakistan as a separate nation!
🌹After 1947, he joined the Pakistani armed forces and participated in the attack on Kashmir in 1948, where he was wounded.
🌹The National anthem of Pakistan as well as the state anthem of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) have been written by him.
🌹This is what Hafeez Jalandhari, a patriotic Pakistani, writes about Sri Krishna:
“Pariyon mai hai gulfaamRadha ke liye shyaamBalraam ka bhayyaMathura ka basayyaBindra mai kanahayyaBan ho gaye viraanBarbad gulistaanSakhiyaan hain pareshanJamuna ka kinaraSunsaan hai saraTufaan hai khamoshMaujon mai nahi joshLau tujh se lagi haiHasrat hi yahi haiAi hind ke rajaEk baar phir aa jaDukh dard mita ja
(Among angels, he is rose faced. He is dark for Radha, brother of Balram. Famous one from Mathura, Kanahayya in Brinda; forests have gone deserted, gardens ruined. Female friends are depressed. Border of Yamuna is entirely desolated. Storm is silent; waves have no passion. Expectation is from you, desire is only this much O King of India Once again come back Annihilate pain and sufferings)
🌹And this is Dr Sir Mohammed Iqbal (Allama Iqbal) about The Gita:
🌹Ye Aaya-e-Nau, Jail Se Nazil Huwi Mujh Par
Gita Mein Hai Quran To Quran Mein Geeta
This new ‘verse’ was revealed to me from the jail that the Quran is in the Gita and the Gita is in the Quran
🌹And this by the Immortal Syed Ibrahim known to the world as #Raskhan
🌹The Kabuli Pathan who was born in Kabul (1548) grew up in Amroha, fell in love with Lord Krishna and lived his entire life singing to the flute player in Brindavan with his final resting place near Mathura at Mahaban (1628)
🌹Raskhan on Shri Krishna’s Holi…
“मोहन हो-हो, हो-हो होरी ।
काल्ह हमारे आँगन गारी दै आयौ, सो को री ॥
अब क्यों दुर बैठे जसुदा ढिंग, निकसो कुंजबिहारी ।
उमँगि-उमँगि आई गोकुल की , वे सब भई धन बारी ॥
तबहिं लला ललकारि निकारे, रूप सुधा की प्यासी ।
लपट गईं घनस्याम लाल सों, चमकि-चमकि चपला सी ॥
काजर दै भजि भार भरु वाके, हँसि-हँसि ब्रज की नारी ।
कहै ’रसखान’ एक गारी पर, सौ आदर बलिहारी ॥”
♦️This is MY INDIA and Pakistan and Bangladesh!
♦️Isn’t it yours?♦️
🌹MaulanaHasratMohani (born Syed Fazl ul Hasan) the eclectic poet of Krishna (Revolution, Romance and Reform)
🌹The man who coined the battle cry “INQUILAB ZINDABAD”
🌹The man who wrote “chupke chupke raat din aansu bahana yaad hai..”
🌹Here he is singing of the flute player, Krishna, everyone’s Mohana
🌹”mathurā ki nagar hai āshiqī kā
dam bhartī hai aarzū isī kā
“har zarra-e-sar-zamīn-e-gokul
daarā hai jamāl-e-dilbarī kā
“barsānā-o-nand-gāñv meñ bhī
dekh aa.e haiñ jalva ham kisī kā
“paiġhām-e-hayāt-e-jāvedāñ thā
har naġhma-e-krishn bāñsurī kā
“vo nūr-e-siyāh yā ki hasrat
sar-chashma faroġh-e-āgahī kā
♦️THIS IS OUR LAND…OUR KARMABHOOMI…India, Pakistan, Bangladesh!