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₹3000cr Versus Mangroves; Money Always Wins By RKB

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How To Destroy Thane Mangrove Forests Made Easy

♦️Thane Waterfront Development has just destroyed the inter-tidal ecosystem, mudflats and mangrove forests on #THERKBSHOW with RKB and Adv Pradeep Nambiar
♦️It’s worth over ₹3000 crore eventually
♦️The Waterfront Development Plan
♦️And what’s an inter-tidal ecosystem in front of ₹3000 crore?
♦️In the battle between environment and money, money always wins!
♦️This means the entire coastal front is vulnerable to heavy flooding during high tide and monsoons
♦️The mudflats themselves have been replaced by ugly steep steps leading up to the sea with a 4 foot fall near the waterfront
♦️The mudflats were home to the migrating flamingoes to a huge variety of mudskippers to fish to crabs and other crustaceans
♦️The concretisation of the mudflats has resulted in :
♦️Mass murder of Mangroves
♦️Destruction of fish spawning sites
♦️Disappearance of mudskippers
♦️Depletion of over 20 bird species
♦️Annhilation of the inter-tidal eco-System
♦️Inadvertent erection of a dam
♦️And this dam will prevent rainwater from reaching the sea
♦️This means in the monsoon the Highway will be flooded
Finally the Courts have stepped in and have given a temporary stay order after the efforts of people like Rohit Joshi and others
But for how long before a living, breathing, beautiful world is converted into a concrete graveyard again?