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Murdering Mangroves In Chembur by RKB

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♦️Chheda Nagar Reserved Forest Being Destroyed♦️

🌳It will soon be neither RESERVED nor a FOREST🌳
♦️One can witness the death of a magical world right in front of one’s eyes in Chembur’s Chheda Nagar on #THERKBSHOW on #NEWSWORLDINDIA with #RKB , Adv Pradeep Nambiar, activist #NandakumarPawar and others♦️
🌳A beautiful, enchanting, magical wetland in the Reserved Forest being slowly but surely and systematically strangulated by the simple strategy of pouring construction debris in the inter tidal channels!🌲
🌳The Mangroves are dying🌲
🌳The Wetland is drying up🌲
🌳And soon the swamp hens, long necked ibises, egrets, cormorants, ducks, swamp herons will be a thing of the past 🌲
🌳And Chembur that’s already like Dante’s Inferno will endure the fires of purgatory for aeons …
🌳Will you help us save the Reserved (that’s irony itself…Reserved) Forest at Chheda Nagar, Chembur
♦️Or shall we just bear silent witness to another world lost?
🌳Why does no political party ever talk about the dying Mangroves?
🌳The destruction of the inter-tidal ecosystem?
🌳How the Mangroves protect a city?
♦️If forests are the lungs of a city, the Mangroves are it’s kidneys
♦️And the forests are being decimated
♦️The Mangroves are being murdered
♦️In effect our coastal cities will soon be without lungs, without kidneys!
🌳What are we doing?🌳

Saving Chheda Nagar Forest with RKB, Pradeep aNambiar and Nandakumar Pawar