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In Featured, Rajiv K Bajaj
October 31, 2017
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Will the Modi Govt be able to do anything for the Ganga?
I don’t think so
In fact I know they will be unable to do anything
More than a cosmetic clean-up the Eternal River, Everyone’s Mother needs her own waters to be released into her course…
Right now there is NO GANGA JAL in the Ganga
The Ganga waters have been trapped, imprisoned, encapsulated in dams, artificial lakes, tunnels
Release 50% more of her waters into her natural course and Ganga will rejuvenate herself
A river is not just a dead stream of filtered water from a Municipal Tank
A river is living, breathing, evolving ecosystem
And the level of oxygenation in Ganga waters is over 93%
Release her imprisoned waters…and SHE will cure herself
Keep spending thousands of crores on a clean-up that does more harm than good and you would have killed Heaven’s River on Earth…