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November 24, 2018
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So finally it needed Dr Ullrich R Randall, a surgeon from Germany, to tell the world that there is a genius here in India called Dr Munir Khan who may have actually turned the world of medicine upside down with a revolutionary tonic that manages to cure most ailments at the Cellular level!
Let me admit straightaway that Munir Khan is a friend of mine!
However let me also state that I have seen Stage III cancer patients with all signs of cancer having disappeared and leading a life that they were meant to lead after having been treated by Munir Khan’s tonic!
Point is …whatever it is, it works!
Dr Ullrich says he is trying to figure out how and why it works
Why am I not surprised that it took a German surgeon to tell us that we have a Genius right here?
Very simple..homeopathy (therefore German Remedies) has its origins in Germany, naturally the Europeans are far more open to a new and radical advance in the field of complete cure than our own Brown Sahibs in White Coats!
As Dr Ullrich says “In the end what matters is if people have been cured whatever be the methodology; sometimes the modern scientific method, as recognised and practised now, is also an impediment to real science! Real science is about questioning belief and to fit a theory to the facts not to try and fit facts to the theory”
In Munir Khan’s case just because he does not have an MRCP or FRCS after his name the asphyxiating death grip of the Medical method and fraternity actually prevents any real progress in finding a cure!
What does modern medicine do after all?
It treats symptoms not the disease!
It controls pain does not cure it!
Even now no trained doctor has the answer to what causes a common cold and what cures it?
And do remember a cold is never cured, it is just shooed (or aachhooed) away for a short time before it returns again and again to ensure the sale of antihistamines and anti-allergens!
Munir Khan then gets attacked from the Medical fraternity and the pharma industry; with their credentials that could encircle the globe ten times over what chance could he possibly have?
Logically none; except the persistence of disease, ailments and discomfort drives patients to desperation making them seek a miracle cure!
And therein lies the genius of Munir Khan!
One tonic for all…and it works!
Brilliant! Bloody Brilliant!
And soon, very soon when Europe hails the genius of Munir Khan we shall see the mad rush to own and claim him as is our wont!
And that’s the tragedy of India!
Here is a man with God’s own blessings on his palms, and like all so divinely blessed we await our own geniuses to be first recognised in the Great Halls Of Europe and America before we acknowledge their brilliance and genius!