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IS RERA REALLY GOOD FOR YOU by Sangeet Hemant Kumar

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December 16, 2017
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By Sangeet Hemant Kumar

The real estate market is on a verge of rising. This time it is doing so on a positive note with more positivity in consumer sentiments and a consistent building assurance. A major reason for this is the pass of the RERA Act. It has given immense power in the hands of the consumer and is a major aid for them to protect their investments.

Customers are currently judging the newly developed territory, keeping a watchful eye to see the progress made in the real estate space. A few key features that RERA Act demands, that will be particularly beneficial for the consumers are:
• Every on-going project needs to be registered and no form of advertising, marketing or sale can commence, unless this is done.
• False or misleading advertisements can lead to revoking of license, which can assure the consumers that what they are being told is what they are getting
• The consumers can expect a full disclosure from the promoter. This includes personal information of the promoter, the details of all his projects in the past 5 years including the status of these projects, the proforma of the allotment, the sanctioned plan, layout plan and even the specifications of the proposed projects
• Further, the promoter is bound to the consumer via all legal obligations and services till the handover to the registered society of flat owners does not happen. This has created a level of assurance in the minds of the consumers towards the safety of their investments
• The act further protects the buyers right of timely completion of project, by demanding a fixed 70% of the money received from the consumer, towards completion of the project that the money was paid for.

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