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BIGGEST LAND GRAB SCAM EVER; Roman Catholic villages of Mumbai under siege…again on #THERKBSHOW
By RKB & Adv Pradeep Nambiar

The St John The Evangelist Church was established in 1580 when the whole village of Marol converted to Christianity in 1579. The Church came up in 1580 but an epidemic caused it to be abandoned and the new church along with the school was rebuilt in 1840.
It’s been there ever since…now even the Church is under a cloud!
Only 52 Gaothans (Roman Catholic Villages Of Mumbai) are shown as existing in the BMC Development Plan 2014 of the 187 that actually live and breathe and cling on to the life that God gave them more 550 years ago!
Of the over 120 Churches only 50 are marked as Churches; the rest are called schools and other establishments!
There’s Devilry afoot!
And it is not religious!
It’s only business, as Michael Corleone would say in The Godfather!
The business is to declare the 135 allegedly non-existent Roman Catholic villages of Mumbai as slums, being them under the Slum Rehabilitation Authority thereby allowing Builders, real estate comment and land sharks to grab whatever is left of the East Indian heritage of Mumbai’s oldest, longest living and continuously thriving Catholic Community dwellings called Gaothans!
80% of their land has already been grabbed by the Airport Authority of India!
The Vihar Church lies submerged under the artificially created Vihar Lake whose spires are still visible when the waters run low in April
Now every village from Marol to Juhu, from Vakola to Ville Parle is under siege!
This is a life to die for!
But Roman Catholic votes come in very small
packages, in bits and pieces…so grabbing this 600 year old way of life and turning it into an Urban nightmare is easy!
Till now!
Now the People Of Peace are fighting back…PEACEFULLY and LEGALLY!