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June 07, 2018
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This is a mash-up of some of our Resurrect Mumbai campaigns; we called it SAVE MUMBAI (mistake…Mumbai does not need saving it needs resurrection)
The audio is terrible in some places, at others it disappears (a bit like Mumbai Herself) but you can get a sense of what we have been trying to do…
There’s my friend Raj Purohit, BJP finally getting water for the Ambedkar Nagar Slum behind New Cuffe Parade after 70 years; there’s our other Most Respected friend and MP Gopal Shetty actually standing with his constituents (sometim against his own Government) and solving problems (maybe that’s why he is a frustrated man today), there’s ANNA HAZARE waiting in the fond hope that some industrialist will find him like G D Birla Ji found GANDHIJI (won’t happen) and then there’s my very dear friend Krishna Hegde always there for his people whichever party he may be in…and there’s my friend of the last 26 years Sanjay Nirupam having lost none of his enthusiasm for a morcha….
Both Pradeep Nambiar and I have been at this now for some time…but we need YOUR help to keep Mumbai alive and well!
We can do it…TOGETHER!