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#SSR is Bihar’s Pride; Health, Jobs, Transport, Education, IT, Crime, Floods…What’s That? Where Are The Missing ₹15cr By The Way? By RKB

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🥀Sushant Singh Rajput was (or is) The Pride Of Bihar!
🥀Remember that topper from Bihar, first in the Merit List who was asked what she was taught and she said “khaana banaaney ke baarey me padaya jaata thha”?
🥀Nothing wrong with that; only she was not a Home Science student! She topped the Bihar Board List! Ruby Ray I think she was called!
🥀Bihar’s pride was not hurt at that time
🥀Every year at least 1/3rd of Bihar drowns under flood waters affecting minimum 75 lakh people leading to at least a 100 odd deaths!
🥀Bihar’s Pride is not hurt at that time
🥀The Public Transport system in Bihar is possibly among the worst in the country; successive State Govts including Sushaasan Babu Nitish Kumar’s Govt just did not think Bihar needed a public transport system on par with other states
🥀Bihar’s Pride is not hurt by this
🥀The Green Revolution just bypassed Bihar choosing instead to bring prosperity to Punjab, Western UP, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and elsewhere
🥀Bihar’s Pride is not hurt by this
🥀The Information Technology Revolution also decided to give Bihar a miss; what happened was it became very convenient to allow young men and women from Bihar to find employment in IT start-ups elsewhere instead of investing in IT infrastructure at home!
🥀Bihar’s Pride is not hurt by this either
🥀And then there are the Crime Statistics…oh well, NCRB says the maximum number of murders as a percentage of the population still take place in Bihar
🥀According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2017 data, Bihar had the second highest number of dowry deaths and murders in India. The NCRB data for 2012, 2013 and 2014 also puts Bihar in the second spot for achieving this ignominious feat. Such heinous crimes against women are committed in seemingly normal families, the god- fearing families, and educated families.
🥀Bihar’s Pride is not hurt by this either
🥀I could go on
🥀But Sushant Singh Rajput? Oh yes!
🥀That’s our pride and joy by God and we have a readymade villain (or shall I say villainess?) Bangalan Rhea Chakraborty; must be doing Black Magic, right? She is from Bengal after all Aur Bangal Ka Kaala Jaadu…?
🥀Meanwhile after all the investigation done by Mumbai Police (turned into villains by the same Pride Of…), Bihar Police, ED, CBI and NCB we find all we have is Sushant Singh Rajput used to smoke weed!
🥀And after suffering all the vilification in the world #RheaChakraborty speaks up she is attacked for speaking up, telling her own side of the story and screeching, screaming, bloodthirsty TV incites the murderous mob against the news channels that have tried to restore some balance in the reportage of #SSR’s death!
🥀Not only Rhea Chakraborty but even her lawyer Satish Maneshinde is being pilloried for defending the Chakraborty family
🥀It’s now Stone her to death, hang her, crucify her and then hang her again!
🥀And everyone else who wants to tell her side of the story!
🥀And here I thought the law says every accused is innocent till proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt
🥀The way #RheaChakraborty and her family have been demonised they have a right to be heard too!
🥀We don’t know if they are guilty; in fact the one thing that will prove guilt instantly will be if those ₹15 crore can be found to have been stolen by Miss Chakraborty!
🥀So why are we hearing nothing of those FIFTEEN CRORE from the channels that have set themselves up as investigators, prosecution, judge and hangman?
🥀Where are the missing ₹15 crore?
🥀And are they missing at all as in Were they there in the first place?
🥀You cannot hide ₹15 crore!
🥀In fact that will clinch it!
🥀Find the ₹15 crore and you will find the murderer of Sushant Singh Rajput
🥀But no one seems interested in THAT anymore
🥀It’s a matter of pride, by God!