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When Shiva Is Reborn by RKB

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July 26, 2021
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🌹All The Puranas agree that upon reaching Varanasi, Brahma’s fifth skull falls off Shiva’s, as in Bhikshatana’s, palm at a place now called Kapala-mochana (“liberating from the skull”) and Vishaksena’s corpse disappears.
🌹The sin, personified by Brahmahatya, vanishes into hell.
🌹Vishaksena is resurrected
🌹The sanctified Bhairava-Shiva, having bathed in the sacred pond in Varanasi, casts off the appearance of Bhikshatana and returns to the mountains
🌹Now He is SHIVA again, the One they call The Lord Of everything that was, is, will or ever will be
🌹He smokes his chillum and from the swirling reams a new Cosmic River is born stretching across the Universe
🌹They pray to Him with rituals, and mathematical precision
🌹And he just laughs, and smokes and says …NOTHING!
🌹He is SHIVA
🌹Parvati completes the union of Shakti and Shiva from which is born the Universe
🌹And all the Universes visible and invisible
🌹The Universe between the Universe and the Anti-Universe
🌹The space within all space
🌹All are part of Shiva
🌹For Shiva is the Universe
🌹And Shiva (with Parvati) is within you