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When Shiva Is Reborn by RKB

In Blog, Mumbai, Rajiv K Bajaj
July 26, 2021
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?All The Puranas agree that upon reaching Varanasi, Brahma’s fifth skull falls off Shiva’s, as in Bhikshatana’s, palm at a place now called Kapala-mochana (“liberating from the skull”) and Vishaksena’s corpse disappears.
?The sin, personified by Brahmahatya, vanishes into hell.
?Vishaksena is resurrected
?The sanctified Bhairava-Shiva, having bathed in the sacred pond in Varanasi, casts off the appearance of Bhikshatana and returns to the mountains
?Now He is SHIVA again, the One they call The Lord Of everything that was, is, will or ever will be
?He smokes his chillum and from the swirling reams a new Cosmic River is born stretching across the Universe
?They pray to Him with rituals, and mathematical precision
?And he just laughs, and smokes and says …NOTHING!
?He is SHIVA
?Parvati completes the union of Shakti and Shiva from which is born the Universe
?And all the Universes visible and invisible
?The Universe between the Universe and the Anti-Universe
?The space within all space
?All are part of Shiva
?For Shiva is the Universe
?And Shiva (with Parvati) is within you