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Gaurakshaks For Mumbai

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August 04, 2017
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The pothole rap notwithstanding, the fact is Mumbai neeeds to clean herself and clean up her own act.
The sad part is Mumbai’s BMC (BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation) is run by bureaucrats.Elected Corporators are there just to say “Yes” or “No”.
And when they say No to a project approved by the bureaucrats the law says “the Corporators can be overruled”
In effect Mumbai functions under the tyranny of a Municipal Commissioner and his Deputies. So why don’t the Corporators scream to high Heaven that they have really nothing to do? That’s because they do have the power ( in principle) to accept/reject proposals in the Standing Committee and other House Committees!
And mostly everything is finally shared out…in the way everything is shared out…between responsibility and reward.
Meanwhile the cash cow called Mumbai has no Gau Rakshaks to protect and defend her.
That job will finally have to be done by all of us!