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In The New Ram Mandir Will The Rich Again Pray Inside, And The Poor Beg Outside? By RKB

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🌹Now that Ram Temple construction has begun at Ayodhya what do I feel?

🌹For one I must congratulate Narendra Modi and his Govt for fulfilling 2 out of the 3 main promises in their Election Manifesto
🌹The BJP had said this time when they came to power they would repeal Art 370 granting Special Status to Jammu & Kashmir; they did!
🌹They said they would lay the legal groundwork to build a Ram Lalla Temple at what was till then a disputed site at Ayodhya being the birthplace of Shri Ram; they have done that too
🌹The last and most complex election manifesto promise was a Uniform Civil Code for the whole country; that’s yet to be done and may never be done!
🌹In effect One Nation One Law has been the stated aim of the men and women who wrote the Constitution of India as well!
🌹However of that later
🌹Right now on the Ram Mandir/Temple
🌹Will the Ram Mandir ensure:
🌹Development of Ayodhya from a back of beyond stinking bogtown to a city with international civic amenities, Vatican like cleanliness and municipal services, prosperity and employment for all Ayodhya residents?
♦️I have not seen a single bit of information that says there is any plan to install sewage treatment plants all over the city so that the water being poured into the sacred Saryu River is clean
🌹I hope they have planned for it
♦️I hope and pray that as used to happen earlier before the British decided to pump raw sewage into rivers from the Indus to the Ganga, sewage will be treated and the water from there will be used for farming and agriculture
♦️And as has been the tradition in India from the time of Chandragupta Maurya to Ashoka The Great to Emperor Akbar even upto Bahadur Shah Zafar “Amrit mein zehar daalna mana hai” (Sewage can never be mixed with the clear life giving waters of a river)
🌹In fact Emperor Akbar used to insist all his meals be cooked in Ganga jal (Ganga water)
🌹Right now all our river waters are putrid, poisonous and pestilential
🌹So will they do it?
🌹So that pilgrims having a sacred dip in the Sacred Saryu are in fact bathing in its pure waters and not in sewage?
🌹I have no idea
♦️I can only hope they will…turn Ayodhya into India’s Vatican City where hundreds of millions of pilgrims will descend every year and be housed in lovely clean motels, budget hotels, guest houses and luxury hotels
🌹A city that will be an example for the rest of the world to emulate
🌹And that can only happen when all the Muslim (non-Hindu) residents of Ayodhya also become equal shareholders in this grand enterprise
♦️Leaving them out or ignoring them will be going against every tenet of Shri Ram
🌹Do Muslims feel left out right now?
🌹Notwithstanding anything and everything that all apologists for the majoritarian view have been writing, yes they do!
🌹In fact it was with a heavy heart that finally, finally after the worst kind of provocation I had to block one young man from Kochi, Kerala on Facebook
🌹I have never felt SO bad!
🌹His constant “Indian Muslims are being persecuted” and absolute refusal to wake up to the fact that in a nation of over 130 crore plus people, someone, somewhere is bound to be exploited, suppressed, persecuted became a pain!
🌹As also the fact that in a democracy you have to fight for your rights (whatever be the Govt in power)
🌹There are 22 crore plus Muslims in India
🌹Second only to Indonesia!
🌹According to one estimate the number of Muslims in India is now highest in the world
🌹And India happens to be the only country in the world with such a huge population of followers of Islam where not one single Islamic form of worship has been proscribed, prohibited or banned
🌹Sunni, Shi’a, Sufi, Barelvi, Deobandi, Aga Khani, Memon, Ahmediyya, Bohra, (there are 72 or more) can pray freely without fear of retribution from the State
🌹No one is banned from worshipping as a Muslim ( and not one of these groups is branded apostate…in any event the Indian State cannot do so, being secular)
🌹However it is true ever since the BJP Govt has come to power in 2014 the Hindutva lunatic fringe has crawled out of the woodwork and has been trying its best to transport (or teleport) India to a time of Amar Chitra Katha, Indrajal Comics and Chandamama!
🌹For all of them Mohammed of Ghaur (Ghori) defeated Prithviraj Chauhan day before yesterday; Allauddin Khilji attacked Chittor yesterday; Babur demolished the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya this morning!
🌹Added to this the utter balderdash of magical cures, occult hocus pocus, cow shit and piss and we have a lethal combination that would be comical under normal circumstances; but these are not normal circumstances!
🌹Point is simple!
🌹The poor, the weak, the deprived, the helpless, the labour are ALWAYS exploited everywhere!
🌹Has anyone checked to see if these people trying to get onto this truck are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhists, Christians, Jains, Jews?????
🌹But one thing is clear all of them are POOR!
🌹It’s not the Gods you worship that count; its the wealth you have that matters
🌹This was true 2000 years ago
🌹It’s true today
🌹What did that Mad and maddening former Supreme Court Judge Markandeya Katju say about the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya:
“Ameer Mandir Ki andar dua mangegey
Gareeb bahar bheekh”
♦️In effect “the Rich will pray inside,
And the Poor will beg outside”
♦️Unless THAT changes nothing will change!
🌹So will the Ram Temple bring prosperity, employment, joy and happiness to Ayodhya, the State Of Uttar Pradesh and India?
🌹I hope and pray it does
🌹It’s an opportunity not to be missed to make India “whole” again!