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So It Wasn’t About #SSR At All; It’s All About #KanganaRanaut and Screech TV by RKB

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?And so back to #KanganaRanaut..
?Ouch! What I meant was back to #SushantSinghRajputCase and #RheaChakraborty
?But just look at the deft manner in which #JusticeForSushantSingh has been shoved aside by #TeamKanganaRanaut
?As was expected all the juices from the Sushant Singh Story having been sucked out so the real players can make their move
?The idea, it appears, wasn’t Justice for the Boy From Bihar in the first place
?It was to climb over his corpse to dominate headlines themselves
?We are the NEWS by God and everyone who disagrees is a murderer, murderess, drug addict, drug pusher, enemy of the State
?Even Sushant Singh’s family finds no place here!
?His grieving sisters, his traumatised father
?All bit players serving to help the the puppeteers take Centre Stage to be told to Exit Left!
“?It’s a tale told by an idiot
Full of sound and fury
?When was the last time you saw Mr K K Singh, not even fully at grips with himself far less the loss of the Apple of his eye?
?When was the last time you saw Priyanka, Meetu, Neetu?
?In the battle for the Lowest Common Decimator the victims usually end up as collateral damage
?For two days it’s been Kangana Ranaut
?As was to be expected she talks, emotes, provokes, instigates and does it all in the way she does!
?She did it all, and she did it HER WAY!
?In front of her the Shiv Sena
?For those who think the Shiv Sena is losing in this, you don’t know the Sena
?The Shiv Sena thrives on this
?The Sena cadre needed something that shocks everyone else
?The demolition of a perfectly good structure (a bit too ostentatious for my taste, but all the same)
?That’s the lifeblood of the Shiv Sena from its inception
?You abuse our leader, our city, our State we demolish something (anything) of yours
?In the Battle between Pepsi and Coke both increase their market share!
?The BJP on the one hand and whatever is left of the Congress on the other have to be very careful
?They are political parties in the traditional mould
?And could lose out bigtime
?One set of screeching channels, Kangana Ranaut, Shiv Sena are the only winners here
?And yes the NCP; Mr Sharad Pawar just consolidated his position as elder statesman of Indian politics making the NCP stronger!
?Watch out Congress
?Come the next elections in Maharashtra NCP-Shiv Sena versus BJP will ensure the buffer state (oops Party) withers away!
?And in the Bihar polls there’s a boy who had to leave Patna to succeed in Mumbai whose incantatory charm will be used as a rallying cry for votes in the bank!
?While his Papa cries!