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January 17, 2018
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Will Nitin Gadkari Serve In A Submarine?

by RKB

Our very dear friend Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Transport (etc) just the other day told Naval personnel that he was not going to give even an inch of land for Naval Housing since the Navy had objected to his favourite project at Malabar Hill…namely a jetty and landing/takeoff spot for a seaplane!
Dear Mr Gadkari also said “South Mumbai tumhari hai kya?”
The question is “Mr Gadkari South Mumbai AAPKI hai kya?”
And as to not giving even an inch of land to Naval personnel for housing…
Gadkari says “let these Naval officers travel from the suburbs to work…l
Mr Gadkari have you ever lived on a warship, submarine, aircraft carrier?
Have you ever served in a submarine where you are in a metal tube in the depth of the Ocean cut off from the rest of the world and when you sink you are buried at sea…like the 200 men of the INS Khukri along with their Captain A N Mulla (Maha Vir Chakra, posthumous)?
How many of your sons, nephews, relatives have fought and lost their lives, limbs, have been crippled, disabled for life in the service of the nation?
You won’t give an inch to the Navy?
This Nation will not leave you an inch to stand on!
And this is how we treat our soldiers…
Read on…

*A Great Feedback From an Army Veteran on Supreme Court’s Order on Human Rights in Kashmir*

An Army veteran, who lost a family member to a militant’s bullet, has raised an agonising poser to the Supreme Court, *“How much do you know about the brutality of war?*

*How many of you have sent your progeny to the armed forces*?

*Have you ever lost a family member in the defence of the country*?

*Do you know the pain of losing a young son or having a widowed daughter or seeing your grandchildren grow up without their father*?
*If not, please do not impede our war effort. Human rights sound very nice when you and your families are safely ensconced in secure air-conditioned homes but not when you are facing bullets and stone of a unruly religious fanatic mob*.”

*Applying the Court directions to the Pulwama incident, an FIR will be lodged against Gunner Rishi Kumar who risked his life and killed two terrorists despite being hit on his headgear*.

Police investigations will carry on for years haunting him even when posted to other places in India.

*Courts will issue summons and demand his presence. He will be accused of depriving the ‘innocent’ jihadis of their human rights and asked to justify the killings*.
He will be queried, *Are you sure they were terrorists? They did not kill you, why did you kill them?*
He will be asked *”Did you give them adequate opportunity to surrender and reform themselves?”* *Did you give them a fair chance to escape?* *Did you fire warning shots in the air?”*

*Instead of lauding his bravery, he will be subjected to judicial witch-hunt. What a disgrace for the nation*!

*Subjecting active military operations to judicial review is an outlandish idea. Whereas all nations empower their soldiers to vanquish enemies of the state, India takes pride in shackling them*.

While addressing the U.S. Naval Academy in April 2010, *Secretary of Defence Robert M Gates of USA had said, “* *You have answered the trumpet call. For my part, I consider myself personally responsible for each and every one of you as though you were my own sons and daughters. And when I send you in harm’s way, as I will, I will do everything in my power to see that you have what you need to accomplish your mission – and come home safely.”*

*Apparently, India’s Supreme Court thinks differently*. *Human rights of the enemies of the state appear to be far more important than the security of the country*.

*Finally, as a serving officer commented wryly, “The Supreme Court has given us two options* – *get killed and the country will honour your martyrdom* or
*kill the terrorist and face police/judicial investigations for years.”*

His apprehensions are genuine and shared by the most. Wonder which soldier will look forward to serving in such antagonistic environment!

*Appeal to All Indians*:-
*However, Let us all make this a People’s movement so that the Supreme Court will Reconsider the issue and Appreciate its gravity*.
*We cannot Fight for India on borders but We can Fight for our Soldiers Betterment from the safety of our homes*.

Yes my dear and most respected friend Nitin Gadkari, you will not give a square inch to the Navy?