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What Congress Could Have Done, And Still Can by RKB

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August 08, 2021
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🌹Will Congress as in #SoniaGandhi Ji #RahulGandhi Ji #PriyankaGandhi Ji PLEASE wake up?
🌹We NEED the #Congress to remain strong, vigorous and focused!
🌹While you keep trying to fly on #Pegasus:
🌹Petrol at ₹107.83 per litre and Diesel at ₹97.45
🌹Vegetables and other consumables so high priced as to be almost out of reach of everyone
🌹Some dals (pulses) at ₹205 per kg
🌹Businesses shutdown, non-existent jobs, and no hope of a turnaround for Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises
🌹Hotels and restaurants downing shutters with no signs of re-opening
🌹But you want to fly on Pegasus and Rafale
🌹And opposing the #Modi Govt on getting rid of Art 370 is shooting yourself in both feet
🌹Rightfully the Congress should have said:
🔴We are with OUR Govt but please do tell us what do you plan to do afterward?
🔴How many schools will you build? Schools with books, laboratories, playgrounds and teachers; not just buildings
🔴How many Health Centres/Dispensaries/Mohalla Clinics?
🔴How many PSUs will base their manufacturing units in the newly formed UTs of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh to generate one crore jobs?
🔴When will cinema halls/Multiplexes/malls reopen in Srinagar?
🔴When do you expect to restore the internet, media, newspapers in Kashmir?
🔴When will you release all those Kashmiri leaders under House Arrest?
🔴And When will you retake Pakistan Occupied Kashmir?
♦️Take a commitment from the Hon’ble Home Minister #AmitShah Ji on the floor of the House with a timeline
♦️And support the Govt on the Bill, and if you can’t, ABSTAIN don’t oppose
♦️Now THAT would have been something
♦️The people of India are totally with #Modiji on this one
♦️You are making the same stupid BLUNDER just like you did on the #UriSurgicalStrike and #Balakot!
♦️Continue in this manner and soon there may be no Congress left
♦️My father, grandfather…wherever they are…would be holding their heads in their hands and weeping at what you have done to this MAGNIFICENT party that defined India!
♦️Will you wake up now please?
♦️India needs a strong, responsible Opposition!
🌹Pegasus and whatever else will only take you this far and no further
🌹Meanwhile you can keep thinking that you are still the Great Congress that ruled India for 45 years
🌹Even as people keep waiting for the Congress leadership to resurrect the party of the Freedom Movement!