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Why I Stand With Arnab Goswami, not his politics or journalism by RKB

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September 13, 2020
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♦️Why do I stand with Arnab Goswami?
♦️It’s simple; if you need to fight Goswami’s high decibel, high pitched, either you are with me or against the nation (as in I am the nation) you need to be so immersed in facts, logic and fairness that anything against you will be seen as unjust, unfair and uncalled for
♦️Is anyone doing that?
♦️Arnab Goswami represents the long suppressed annoyance and anger of a huge section of society against the Left Leaning hegemony of the Congress oriented mainstream journalists wherein anyone pro-Hindu in fact at times pro-India was seen to be and branded as an extremist not worthy of civilised engagement! (I am not even talking about the huge flats allotted at Press Enclave, Gulmohar Park, Gulmohar Enclave at throwaway prices and the Govt flats at Pandara Road, Pandara Park, Kaka Nagar and elsewhere allotted to the so-called pillars of Left Leaning journalists harbouring great admiration for Charu Mazumdar and Naxalbari)
♦️Goswami has just turned this whole monopoly upside down and decimated the inferiority complex harboured and disbursed by historians, political ideologues and other journeymen living off the scraps thrown at the them by successive Congress Governments! (Can these effete, seeped in corruption cartoons actually fight the untrammelled aggression of Goswami and his cohorts? Not by a longshot; as is evident from the lame duck attempts at a degree of resistance by these deviants from Toontown?)
♦️So can these obviously tainted “journalists” fight the juggernaut unleashed and led by Goswami ?
♦️Not in a million years!
♦️Threats of legal emasculation, sedition, instigation to bring about disharmony between communities, incitement to riots, defamation and so on are so much water off a duck’s back!
♦️All of the above have never worked before
♦️How do they expect this to work now?
♦️The so-called Liberals (and they are hardly liberal) can be seen to be running about like headless chickens waiting for the sky to fall on their heads! (After decades of being pampered by an Establishment that never allowed anyone else to get even a foot in edgewise; these pimps are now screaming in pain)
♦️It’s a bloodbath
♦️And Goswami has triumphed
♦️And how!
♦️So why do I stand with Arnab Goswami?
♦️First I don’t know him personally
♦️Second he does not need me to stand with him (not by a million miles)
♦️Third I have nothing to gain from the man
♦️So why do I stand with Arnab Goswami?
♦️That’s because Goswami has created a paradigm shift in Television journalism of cataclysmic proportions
♦️He has shown it can be done
♦️How the Tower Of Babel built upon the premise of an Anglo-Saxon bred and educated drawing room society with contempt for the masses could be brought down with just a Prime Time Show!
♦️How the most fondly held beliefs of the Kitty Party set dividing the loaves and fishes of office among themselves and their progeny for generations could be unclothed for the world to see
♦️He calls it the Lutyens set or Khan Market Club
♦️I simply call it the Congress-ised Baba Log establishment
♦️We are witnessing the last few attempts at hanging on to life from this set in their death throes even as the new Army of Goswami’s Guardians rush in for the final blow!
♦️Will the Old Set survive?
♦️Looking at all that Goswami has managed to do, I doubt it
♦️Unless they are able to project a rational, patriotic view of life that far outweighs and outguns the sound and fury of Goswami’s Guns screeching in thunder!
♦️They could; but will they?
♦️I doubt it!
♦️Do remember threats of violence and legalese will only make Goswami stronger; in fact the more you threaten him the more he thrives on the threats!
♦️And that’s a real achievement!
♦️Now you know why I stand with Goswami!
♦️He has forced journalists, politicians and media barons to look within…and let me tell you they don’t like what they see!