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Will Coastal Road Drown Worli Seaface, Warden Road by RKB

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April 26, 2019
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♦️The Mumbai Coastal Road will make the city look like Singapore, feel like Hong Kong and will have to function like Venice
♦️On #THERKBSHOW today morning with Adv Pradeep Nambiar , Zoru Bhathena , Mr Luthra and others on #NEWSWORLDINDIA tonight at 10:30 pm
♦️At Worli Sea Face the 80 year old promenade will be shifted at least a kilometre ahead with a 700 yard underpass to allow access to what is now a Walkers’ Paradise in Mumbai’s Millionaires Mile…
♦️And what happens during Monsoon when the underpass gets flooded?
♦️You swim!
♦️The reclamation from the sea is creating one dam after another at a height of over 6 feet from the road and Worli Slum
♦️This means during high tide when the sea comes in the whole of Worli will have to move on boats

♦️And they will be underwater because a new 6 ft dam has been created to keep the sea out; however that will also act as a barrier to keep the rain water (from the monsoon) from reaching the sea…
♦️There is also a green zone on reclaimed land
♦️The reclaimed land is full of rock, rubble and debris
♦️”What will grow here?” asks longtime Engineer Mr Luthra (an IIT-Delhi alumnus)
♦️In the end the extra land reclaimed for the Coastal Road (which will no doubt look magnificent) will be used to construct new skyscrapers

♦️So what happens now?
♦️The Coastal Road gets made
♦️ More and more cars are sold and plied
♦️And just like the jams on Bandra-Worli Sealink even the Coastal Road will see traffic jams
♦️Finally, every year we shall experience a new 26th July 2005…or maybe every month when from Worli Sea Face to Warden Road the only mode of transport will be a boat!
♦️The inter tidal ecosystem has already been destroyed
♦️Innumerable fish, crustacean and plant species have been asphyxiated to death
♦️There is no fish left here
♦️Only dead waters and concrete
♦️But it will look Magnificent; like a tomb!
🔴The contractors (HCC and others) tried to stop us from filming; they said you need permission to some here to which we replied “is this a RESTRICTED AREA? What do you have to hide?”🔴

On the reclaimed land from the sea at Worli Seaface Mr Luthra, engineer Mr Zoru Bhathena, activist, RKB, Pradeep Nambiar