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2nd Corona Wave In India Is China’s Revenge by RKB

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The Great Chinese COVID Conspiracy To Destroy India

🌹Here goes the greatest conspiracy theory to cover up every Govt failure in the world
🌹This is what’s been circulating as a What’s App forward for sometime now
🌹The Western world and China conspired to hit India with a Corona Second Wave to cripple us and destroy the Magnificent Modi Ji’s reputation once and for all
🌹That’s because Modi’s India was proving to be such an existential threat to all who stood against us on the world stage…USA, Europe, China
🌹They were all quaking in their boots when they saw the way India overcame the Corona First Wave
🌹Is this for real?
🌹Sure it is; if you believe the Moon is made of Green Cheese …but wait a minute. That’s the first reaction of any rational civilised human being
🌹Could there really be something here that’s aimed at setting India back by a decade ?
🌹So here goes:
♦️Is the second corona wave a planned biological war against India?*
♦️Do you believe that the second wave of epidemic that is currently spreading in India is due to the spread of the virus in general?
♦️Until a fortnight ago I used to believe that this is the second wave, but now a lot of deep doubts has gone home in my mind. ( should be deep doubts have gone “home” in my mind, but never mind…this is a no brainer)
♦️Look at the state of the entire Indian subcontinent.
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan have no second wave in these countries or in any other country in Asia. Those countries today have similar conditions as they were in India two-and-a-half months ago.
♦️Then how did this bomb explode in India itself?
♦️Are the citizens of all those countries much more disciplined than Indians?
♦️Do they wear masks round the clock to avoid epidemics ?
♦️Is their geographical location different from India?
♦️Then, why this second wave could not even touch these countries and is breaking India, badly, why?
♦️ICMR* has said at the time of first wave that crores of people in India got this disease and they did not even know when crores of people suffered it and immunity developed in them then how come this second wave
♦️And why did it happen only in India?
♦️Lets look at the global conditions before & now in this epidemic.
♦️From medicine, vaccine to economy management, India amazed the whole world.
And now, understand the * real concern of China. talking of help to India today.
♦️Because …the business of : pharma companies is at least 4 to 6 trillion dollars (annually)
♦️Vaccine business of at least 1.25 trillion*
Is all set to be reduced to zero.
♦️The PPE Kit of 500 billion dollars and business of mask was almost reduced to near nothing, when people relaxed after first wave, and even went to Kumbh, election rallies etc, with minimal caution.
♦️In the light of medical sufficiency of India, the lobbies was suffering colossal loss.
♦️How did the country that was always hand to mouth become a vaccine exporting country?
♦️And who was not able to digest all this?
♦️Know this pain of a country like Germany, lamenting how India beat us in the field of Drugs
♦️Think all over again what slipped & got out of hands of other affluent nations?.
♦️Now for Big Oil….Can anyone imagine 75000 to 100000 charging stations are being built for electric vehicles in India in the next 2 – 3 years which will reduce *oil consumption by/upto 30%
♦️This is a slap in the face of the *global oil lobby*.
And not only this…
… India has started to *export LCA fighter planes* and BrahMos missile which is proving to be a big blow to the global arms lobby.
♦️Modi is a big thorn* in the way of all these lobbies …
… and believing that this thorn can be removed only by public anger is the tacit ploy of these lobbies.
♦️Imagine Pfizer calling up for defense set up in exchange of vaccine, drugs, a new arm twisting tactics with needy nations.
♦️The second wave of Chinese disease in India has been brought to fail Modi on every front and to trigger civil war in the country.
♦️It is a dangerous game of the Maoists of China and its sleeper cells hiding in India…
♦️Showing *24×7 corpses and *lack of oxygen* of pandemic against Modi government is a opposition-led part of this conspiracy in collusion with big tech lobbies of developed world to overthrow the present dispensation, and reinstall the leftists- Maoists in positions of influence they had earlier
♦️But here they forget, Modi isn’t Trump, at best turmoil for trouble will linger, dampening to stability & survival as an outcome.
♦️Come on,come to think, ‘Why is the same mother dying as a mother of hundreds’?
Why only the crowd in the crematoriums?
♦️Same 70 tweets – Why- our Amma died without oxygen ??
Tool Kit Gang Again Active On whose hint?
Suddenly the farmer also returned to the border?
How did the epidemic appear again * ???
This could be a huge war!
🌹Oh man! This is Robert Ludlum in Khaki Knickers (sorry I forgot…they wear pants now)
So what have we got?
🌹The Western World, China, Pharma MNCs, Big Oil have all joined hands in one big conspiracy to show this upstart India her place!
🌹It’s real rock ‘n roll
🌹Question is could it be true?
🌹These days I can believe anything and everything about anyone and everyone
🌹Notwithstanding all the insanity here there does arise the moot question: how is it that Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar are not suffering the horrific consequences of a Corona Second Wave that we are?
🌹That’s where I think we could really look at the Chinese connection very closely indeed…
🌹Could the Corona Second Wave be the deliberate and intentional work of Chinese sleeper cells all over India consequently resulting in breathless catastrophic 24 by 7 coverage of dead bodies and burning funeral pyres on every Mainstream Media Channel?
🌹And that’s in itself adds fuel to the already horrific conflagration of Corona cases this nation is having to cope with…and as icing on the cake every Foreign Media Outlet has India as the World’s Worst Disaster Zone
🌹Suddenly from a shining example of how to fight Corona we are now the pariahs of the world…flights to and from India cancelled, advisories issued to American and European citizens to get out of this Disaster Zone called India, cover of TIME magazine, catastrophic coverage in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Australian and every other foreign TV outlet branding India as the Corona Super Spreader of the world!
🌹Boggles the mind!
🌹So the Conspiracy Theory is not so far fetched after all…
🌹In every Conspiracy or crime the one thing that unlocks the whole shebang is “who stands to gain?”
🌹Well there you have it…the Pharma Companies, Big Oil and everybody else who had had to import medicines from India last year led by the Chinese who couldn’t teach a military lesson to India but have just about succeeded in their Corona Crash Course!
🌹Isn’t it a bit much that no one is even referring to the COVID19 virus as the Wuhan Virus anymore?