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Can There Be Baba Bulldozer In A Democracy? by RKB

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June 14, 2022
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The bulldozer may raise major questions about due process, but Uttar Pradesh has never been as safe as it is now

So what’s the solution?

Simply this; we have a great set of laws

Let’s implement them strictly, firmly and fairly for everybody

The Bulldozer for me represents the utter failure of the criminal justice system over 75 years in India where the only way an Administration can ensure safety & security with Law & Order is through quasi judicial means!

We allowed the rot

And then we wonder why this is happening!

Judges in the lower judiciary need to be looked after better, need better security, better scrutiny and far greater numbers than we have now

What protection does a lower Court judge’s family have when he/she hears the case of a Mafia Don?

(The same applies to Policemen and women all over the country)

People may screech “then why become a judge?”

But the real world does not work like that 

Look after your judges, your public prosecutors, your clerical staff in Court in every way possible

You will find justice being carried out the way it ought to have been carried out

Continue in this fashion and there will only be a Bulldozer Solution!

(Or worse Police encounters)

This Bulldozer Baba maybe a war measure but we have something called Due Process in this country (or had?)

When was “due process of law” thrown out of the Law Books?

(Do remember my dear and most respected saffron wearing (and cheering) friends today it is inconvenient Muslims tomorrow it will be you and day after tomorrow there will be nothing left)

And nowhere does any law talk of allowing the use of bulldozers to demolish the houses or properties of any accused rioters, Stone pelters, murderers, dacoits, pickpockets, bandits

This is new and beyond and above all law books and statutes

As a deterrent against threat to law and order it is admittedly the most effective tool there is right now; but does this tool have the sanction of the law?