Nov 24, 2020
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How The Ahoms Destroyed Aurangzeb’s Magnificent Eastern Army at Saraighat?LACHIT BORPHUKAN’s BIRTH ANNIVERSARY; DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO HE WAS? ?♦️The man who destroyed Emperor #Aurangzeb’s magnificent Eastern Army on the Brahmaputra at Saraighat in 1671 is a name unknown outside Assam; #LachitBorphukan ‘s combination of guerilla and marine tactics decimated a Mughal Army 3 […]

Oct 14, 2020
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♦️If you have ever lived in Delhi you must have heard of some places like #MoriGate, #TeesHazari, #Mithaipul , Gurudwara #MotiBagh (Nanak Pura), Gurudwara Sri Rajan Gani, Gurudwara Sri Bangla Saheb?It was the year 1783 when Sikh leader #BabaBaghelSingh conquered Delhi from the Mughal king #ShahAlam. On 11th March 1783, the Sikh army marched into […]

Oct 8, 2020
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Elvis is alive!In the United States there is a whole set of people that refuse to believe Elvis Presley passed awayThey think it’s all a hoax conjured up by the Govt that has in fact sent Elvis on a top secret mission into Outer SpaceSo the announcement of his death, funeral and tributes were all […]

Sep 27, 2020
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?The tukde tukde Gang has been replaced by the Nashedi-Ganjedi Gang?And it’s nicer looking, glamorous, full of sex, lies, drugs and Bollywood?They take drugs!?Drugs by God!?Drugs as in paracetamol??Nope..hashish, marijuana, MD ( not the medical degree) MDMA, heroin, cocaine..?Eric Clapton notwithstanding I thought snorting, smoking and swivelling were passe?Even Ginsberg would turn up his nose […]

Sep 19, 2020
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“barbād gulistāñ karne ko bas ek hī ullū kaafī thā“har shāḳh pe ullū baiThā hai anjām-e-gulistāñ kyā hogā ?So why should we listen to Kangana Ranaut??She is a real nutter, wading into areas she knows nothing about, assumes whatever’s happened to her generally happens to each and everyone, and that everyone who disagrees with her […]

Sep 18, 2020
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♦️When will we ever learn?♦️Give and take with China means India gives and China takes!♦️For the Chinese the LAC or Line of Actual Control has always meant the Line you can Actually Control♦️By putting our faith in diplomacy and a negotiated solution we are again playing into China’s hands♦️The Chinese are masters at protracted negotiations […]

Sep 17, 2020
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?Bollywood was and remains the only place in India where it doesn’t matter if you are a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Jain, Atheist…whatever..?If you are talented enough, determined enough and have patience you will succeed no matter what the odds!?And Bollywood still remains the last bastion of unapologetic Hindu-Muslim unity symbolising the secular […]

Sep 14, 2020
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?Love and other drugs?It’s awful being in love! If what has happened to Rhea Chakraborty is any indication love may or may not kill you but it can send you to Byculla Jail.?What did she do really??When you sieve through all the chaff all you get is a silly girl, in love with this amazing […]

Sep 13, 2020
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♦️Why do I stand with Arnab Goswami?♦️It’s simple; if you need to fight Goswami’s high decibel, high pitched, either you are with me or against the nation (as in I am the nation) you need to be so immersed in facts, logic and fairness that anything against you will be seen as unjust, unfair and […]

Sep 12, 2020
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?It is tragic (and at times catastrophic) when anyone’s house, part of a house or part of anything you have built is demolished!?Coming right down to it, there is nothing that can be more awful than seeing the structure you have built with such loving care and fond hopes brought down?Sure it may have been […]