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Pak ISI Could Not Do In 70yrs What Screeching TV, Banana Republic & Troll Army Has Done In 7 Weeks To Bollywood by RKB

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September 17, 2020
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🌺Bollywood was and remains the only place in India where it doesn’t matter if you are a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Jain, Atheist…whatever..
🌺If you are talented enough, determined enough and have patience you will succeed no matter what the odds!
🌺And Bollywood still remains the last bastion of unapologetic Hindu-Muslim unity symbolising the secular ideals of the Founding Fathers of this nation…
🌺From Dadasaheb Phalke’s Raja Harishchandra in 1913 to the Ajay Devgun produced Tanhaji in 2019 from Mother India to Godmother Bollywood has been so nationalistic and all-encompassing of secular values that personally BOLLYWOOD (and the entire INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY) deserves to be honoured with the BHARAT RATNA collectively for projecting, unifying and consolidating the idea of India all over the world!
🌺Name one industry where you will find the most bankable stars are all Pathans, all Muslim…Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan
🌺Name one industry that has never fanned communal unrest and has always been consciously and conscientiously secular and patriotic!
🌺It’s Bollywood and the entire INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY!
🌺So why are a certain set of people out to destroy our greatest asset in the name of allegedly cleaning it of the drug menace?
🌺One particular actress who has described Mumbai, the city Of Mumbadevi (and Baba Makhdoom Shah, Mount St Mary, Siddhivinayak, Baboolnath, Haji Ali) the city Of Bollywood as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir has become the torch bearer for let’s tear down Bollywood
🌺Even stalwarts like Jaya Bachchan and Hema Malini are of no consequence to her (Ms Kangana Ranaut of course has so far refrained from saying a word about Ms Hema Malini; naturally since the Dream Girl is a BJP MP from Mathura and I would love to see Ms Ranaut use her usual lingo to attack Mrs Deol)
🌺And along with her comes the Army of trolls screaming, abusing, spreading filth about everyone and anyone who dares to stand up for one the greatest institutions of India; in fact one institution that has been India’s greatest Ambassador to the world
🌺Each time the Pakistani Establishment (not the people of Pakistan; they LOVE Bollywood) and others have tried to rundown India’s commitment to EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL no one has even needed to say anything…the world just points to BOLLYWOOD and the Pakistani establishment loses all steam!
🌺Kangana Ranaut and her Army has set out to destroy that asset; one of India’s greatest assets built and nurtured over 107 years!
🌺This begs the question whom and what is Kangana Ranaut really working for?
🌺Couldn’t be for the respected, strong, secular and democratic India that’s the envy of the world!
🌺So what is it for ?
🌺In fact the much maligned Pakistani ISI would be popping champagne bottles for all that Ms Kangana Ranaut and her troll Army have managed to achieve for them!
🌺Well done Ms Ranaut and the rest!
What the Pakistani ISI could not do in 70 years you have managed to achieve in just 7 weeks!
🌺Respected and Honourable Mr Ajit Doval please note Sir!
🌺The best asset is one who does not even know she is an asset
🌺And she has SCREECHING TV to carry her along each time she seem to be faltering
🌺Will this let’s Bust Bollywood project succeed?
🌺I don’t think so
🌺We have a strong, clever and cool headed PM with a fabulous team
🌺You will soon see Ms Ranaut fade away confined to a political space from where her pronouncements will interest no one!
🌺And the troll Army!
🌺Oh that!
🌺They will be around…with a new target!
🌺Maybe Xi Jinping perhaps!