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I Hope AAP Wins, For Our Bloody Sake (Even Tho Cassidy & Sundance Died) by RKB

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February 02, 2020
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Time to take a side; and a hike!
Somehow it feels as if the 2015 Delhi elections never really happened; a fledgling party consisting of alleged urban naxals (whatever the fuck that means) never won 67 of the 70 seats in the Delhi State Assembly and that the whole damn thing was a spaced out Fraud dreamt up by grass smoking ugly men in beards and top knots in their hair!
In effect people like me!
But Hell; all of it was true
The whole shebang!
That mad fellow Arvind Kejriwal the Baniya from Haryana later Ghaziabad turned Delhi into one little piece of “I’ll show you how to get things done” like a goddamned Mechano set!
It’s fucking irritating; so much unabashed schoolboy enthusiasm !
But even more irritating is that it’s real!
This Kejriwal-Sisodia Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid routine; Paul Newman and Robert Redford; moonlight and vodka!
Yeah right!
More like sugary milky chai and buttered toast!
So what’s the big deal about these chaps?
First, they work
Second , they work honestly
Third, they work because they love it
For the first time ever a Ruling Party (sounds like a joke; a ruling party of less than half a state) goes to polls and only talks about the work they’ve done!
The usual; great schools, Mohalla Clinics, good hospitals, 100% health insurance, total health cover for all accident victims …no questions asked..
FREE ELECTRICITY upto 200 units
And this is what these clowns think will win them elections
They don’t talk about Ram Mandir (Temple); they don’t abuse Muslims; they don’t play on Hindi-Muslim tensions; buggers don’t even mention Pakistan (how horrible)
They talk about more schools, better health facilities, free electricity upto 450 units, cleaner Delhi, pollution free Delhi, crime free Delhi, safer Delhi for women and children
The dimwitted dunderheads haven’t once tried to fan a communal riot!
Don’t they know that’s not how you win elections here?
Don’t these Boy Scouts know if they win EVERY political party will be RUNNING SCARED of these Goons Of Ghaziabad who have still not grown up into politics?
You know what? That’s why they are OUR last hope!
If AAP wins as it should, INDIA WINS
If AAP loses, no one need work again because just pitting Hindu against Muslim will make you win anything
Working will be for putzes!
We NEED these most annoying creatures who seem to have forgotten to wear their school uniforms and ties at home, to win!